Topaz (Williams, 1978) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Bowler Flipperless Recreation Topaz (Williams, 1978) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Topaz (Williams, 1978) VP8 v1.0
by TAB, Destruk
ROM: topaz_l1

This machine was the first solid state United bowler.
There are three steps to launching a puck down the alley -
1- X Placement
2 - Direction Indicator
3 - Release/Throw

Plunger Key cycles, Left/Right flipper keys move left and right.

KeyUpperLeft ( "A" by default) selects game type.

Too easy compared to the real thing.
The backboard lights may not be accurately placed.

Before the game begins, players press a button on the front of cabinet to select the type of scoring desired.

* REGULATION - Scoring is identical to official bowling.

* ROTO - Scores 90 for a strike, 60 for a spare. If a strike is made, player shoots to stop flashing lights. Strike and spare score as indicated.

* STRIKE-90 - This game scores 90 for a strike, 60 for a spare. The player continues to shoot as long as he achieves strikes.

* 6TH FRAME - This is a 6 frame game, and scores as indicated on hood glass.

* FLASH - Strike and spare scores are indicated by flashing lights. The lights stop flashing when pins are hit on the first shot.
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