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Beatles (Original) VP9

VP9 SS Original Table Beatles (Original) VP9 v2012.6.6 [WS]

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by Bob5453
Insert the music files in the Music folder of the Visual Pinball program used to open the Pinball.

************** The Beatles Rules *******************

Hit the Music Target for Double Score and to activate Beatle song clips.

Dropping all BEATLES Targets Lights Extra Ball Light. Targets score 100Pts

Dropping all BEATLES Targets again on same ball lights Free Game Light

Drop the Apple Targets to Open Left and Right Outlane Gates. Open Both Gates and Drop targets again to start a Multiball. Targets Score 100Pts each.

Spin the Spinner to Light the Stars, Light all Stars to Advance SPinner X to 10 X, 100X, 1000X.

When SpinnerX = 1000 and if Double Score is Lit, you score 2000Pts/Spin. Go for it! The SpinnerX will reset to 1 after losing Ball with 1000X Light Lit.

The 3 Red Targets score 10/100Pts Unlit/Lit and Light a Bumper

The 4 Top Lanes Light the Pink Lower Lane Stars and score 5oooPts when achieved.

The 5 LED Lane Lights increse your Lane Score by 100Pts when Lit, so first time through score is 100Pts, next time 200Pts, then 300Pts, 400 Pts, 500Pts. With Score Double Lit you can score 1000Pts.

If you Hold the Left Flipper UP and Press 1 the Cello Beatles Music will be turned Off. You will see a red asterisk by the Left flipper Arpon when one is pushed. If you want to turn the Celloists music back ON then Hold the Left Flipper UP and press one again. You will see a green asterisk then.
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