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SyncoBob Muppets (Original)

VP9 SS Original Table SyncoBob Muppets (Original) 2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9)

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SyncoBob Muppets (Original) v2007 (VP8) and 2011 (VP9)

For the 2011 edition, you can easily change the table to a 4x3 resolution by changing the Xscale to "2" on the backdrop options.

Press C during game for more Rules and instructions

Playing Tip - Always try to aim the ball through the Spinners

Music Keyboard Apron plays real music, just press corresponding Keyboard keys to play musical notes.

Press 1 To Start Pinball game.
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  1. The VP9, wide-screen edition has been added!

    I also agree with Hawyer's review comment, that the randomised keyboard sounds can get quickly...

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Four+ stars seems about right for the moment, and if the song system could be upgraded as per the update notes, I feel like this would be an easy 5-star table.
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Unique concept (a musical pinball) but It gets annoying very fast.
Technically, the table itself is impeccable.
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