Black Cat & Spiderman (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Black Cat & Spiderman (Original) VP8 v2007a

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I'll start with the spider... Its starts at the top right of the table and crawls to the bottom, when it exits, you get a Free Ball. If you want to see the complete spider trail, then just repeatedly press the down arrow... This will also get you a Free Ball

There is sort of a skill shot... The table starts with the Kick back plunger turned ON, but to reactivate it you must go DOWN the lane at the top right, to do this you have to enter through the spinner (which is difficult) or shoot your new ball up just far enough to exit the gate, but not hard enough to enter the upper lane area through the second gate.

In the 2007 release if you light all 3 bumpers, the kickback plunger will reactivate anytime you have a successful ramp shot.

Bumpers are A, B, C and will light up when you enter the corresponding ramp. Bumpers score 100 unlit and 100 lit.

Lighting A, B, C bumpers lights the Kicker bumper and scores 100 unlit and 1000 lit. It also lights the Spinner 10X light. Spinner score 100 or 1000 when lit. Opens Right Gate

Lighting all BLACK CAT targets starts Multiball and Opens Right Gate.


Left Flipper - Aim for the BLACK targets, these are fairly safe shots

Right Flipper - Aim for the ramp, I only shoot for the CAT targets if all of the BLACK targets are lit

Press Q for AutoPlay.... Press Again for Normal Play

Press T for current time...

Press N for New Ball.... This starts the drain routine. Used for testing

Press S for Time Stats.... Shows the Time Game Started and Time Game Ended for evaluation.

********************** CHEATS ******************

Press Up Arrow for Extra Ball

Press Down Arrow to move Spider 1 step closer to being awarded a Free Ball

Press Right Arrow to activate Multiball

Press Left Arrow to turn on ALL lights.... I use this for taking screenshots, but you can use it to activate everything.
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