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Another groovy little gem from @ruckage. This one used to be hosted at our defunct daughter site Pinball-Originals, so I'm restoring it here.

I find the game an interesting little challenge in multi-tasking, as it's easy to lose the ball while trying to simultaneously rack up points in the video sub-game. There's also no center pin where you'd normally expect one, given the game's "SDTM!" aspect. Aside from those, the biggest challenge is surely in getting the snake-shaped collector opened at the top of the screen, then hitting the shot before the ball drains. Can you pull it off? :-D --Ike

Note: I've taken the liberty of adding @GeorgeH's Dynamic Flippers (BAM required) as a variant included with the download. I feel it's a clear step up, but see what you think.

- Hit targets and triggers to make the bubbles drop.
- Move "Bob" using the flipper keys to catch the bubbles.
- Bubbles at the edge of the screen are worth more points, but move faster.
- Open the gate by hitting all triggers between the guide lanes at the top of the playfield.
- Even when a ball is lost you can still collect the bubbles that are falling for extra points.

Cabinet users-- for @TerryRed's DOFLinx cab version, see here.
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