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The Hungry Dead (Original)

SS Original Table FP The Hungry Dead (Original) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
Design and graphics by Ruckage

'Zombie Hunt' mode - Neighburgers - zombies ate my neighbours remix - by Protricity

'Zombie Massacre' mode - Panic of the undead - ombies ate my neighbours remix - by NoppZ

Main theme - Psychounderpants - ghouls and ghost remix - by djpretzel

thanks to Pangier for some additional sounds
Light 'ZOMBIE' to begin 'zombie massacre' - clear all zombies within 1 minute to receive Jackpot.

Enter Sewer 4 times to start 'multiball'. All targets hit when in multiball mode increase jackpot.

Lock ball in graveyard to start 'Zombie Hunt' hit each zombie as it pops up within 15 seconds. Mode ends if you fail to hit a target within the time limit. Score for succesful hit double each time up to a maximum of 128000 per zombie.

Hit crypt target to raise crypt score. Receive currently lit score upon entering the crypt.

Will add full scoring info in next release.

BAM desktop / cabinet version:​
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Cool table, I love the artwork and the music!
Ball is a bit slow, though
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