Centaur (Bally, 1981) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Centaur (Bally, 1981) VP8 v1.2

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Version 1.2
Bally 1981
IPD No. 476

(From The Pinball Archive RuleSheet)

Here's a brief run-down on the multi-ball feature on CENTAUR and CENTAUR II.

By the way, when the game is over, press a flipper button to see the names of these features. Also, the voice should echo! (VPM issue). There's a reverb unit the (real) game.

An "orb" or "power orb" is a ball (for multi-ball play).
Balls are not locked on the playfield, they are represented by the 1-4 amber lights between and above the flippers. You can "capture" or "lock" 1, 2, 3, or all 4 balls. Added to the ball in play, you can get 5 rolling about the field at one time. Balls are put into play automatically from a feed in the shooter lane that raises when a ball is fired from a coil below the playfield.

Now for some game features. There are 2 release targets, one behind the inline drop targets - the Chamber feature, and one in the upper right above the shooter path. When lit and hit, they will release all captured balls. Making the 4 guardian rollovers (the blue lights above the lanes one the bottom sides that either go out or back to the flipper) will release one ball. By the way, when you get 3 guardians, the game will say guardian releases power orb.

There are 4 (white) drop targets below the 2 pop bumpers. These are the O R B S targets. Making them in order from left to right will also release 1 ball.

Additional "PD CPU" Option Rules by PD

-The Power Orb balls are now color coded transparent crystal balls that pulse with light from within when they are powered up. Special awards are collected when Powered Orbs are sent to an enabled magnet "Power Station" (found below the right red release target by the shooter lane exit). The Power Station magnet is enabled by the 1-4 drop sequence targets (as the regular magnet is in the regular game).

There are 4 regular Power Orbs types and 1 Special Power Orb type. The regular varieties are Red, Amber, Green and Blue and match up with feature awards related to the same type of lights found on the playfield descrbied below. The Special Power Orb is a regular steel ball transformed into a glowing Black & White Power Orb at the enabled Power Station. It has its own reward when collected there and special abilities described below.

Regular Power Orbs can be drained of their power by lit spider targets on the playfield (which then become unlit). They then appear as non-pulsing dark colored crystals. Drained Orbs must be first powered up again (to pulsing light status) by charging them at the Magnet when it's enabled. They can then be collected as awards if the magnet is relit and the charged ball is sent there. The Special Power Orb is not only unaffected by the spider targets, it acts like a minesweeper in that it actually drains the power out of them until they're relit, making them safe for the other Power Orbs to travel over (assuming the special power orb hasn't been drained for its award; otherwise it does nothing). The draining spider targets relight when another power orb is ejected or all balls drain.

Awards Collected at the Power Station by Power Orb Type:

Red - Automatically completes the 3 rollovers which gives the next bonus X award.

Amber - Automatically knocks down the "ORBS" drop targets in reverse order which charges the next Power Orb. It does not normally release another Power Orb unless "OR" is already down in order since it knocks down "BS" first and then "OR".

Green - Automatically knocks down the 1-4 Sequence targets in order which then charges the Power Station magnet and usually the right Release All target (depending on the regular game rule status).

Blue - Automatically completes the Guardian Blue Inlane lights which will normally eject another Power Orb if the Guardian Light is on (dip switches affect whether it is lit once per regular ball or for each completion).

Black & White Special Orb - Automatically knocks down all the queen's chamber inline drop targets, clearing the way for an All Release Orb Attack or Special/Extra Ball.
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