Cosmic Princess (LAI, 1979)

SS Recreation BAM FizX FP Cosmic Princess (LAI, 1979) 1.4.1

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Solid State Machines
v 1.4.1
There are now sounds for walls
New Gate sound code required small change
Fix metal guides not being metal and not triggering hit events
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This is basically a start from scratch after I lost all my data and a few weeks updates i've already done.
There might have new problems, but i've also corrected and improved stuff
So extract to a separate folder and go from there (the .cfg file still goes to FP_Install_Folder\BAM\cfg)

Changelog v1.4

' Table Release v1.4
' -- NEW BAM v353 REQUIRED (fixes spinner's issue)
' -- FizX Update (v1.04) - At the time of writing this is the latest version.
' -- New targets code
' -- new playfield and plastics (Thanks @jpsalas for lending me the resources from his new CPv4 table)
' -- plastics cut improved (Thanks @JLou5641)
' -- drain lane redrawn to look like the real table.
' -- Backbox shows remaning players properly (botttom right) and current player turn is now blinking
' -- Fleep sounds code updated; more sounds, more dynamic
' -- Balls per Game show on backbox and saved for next game if you press B key to change the default (5 balls)
' -- Tilt should now work properly and ends game for every player
' -- Removed pre set cameras
' -- Added missing sounds
' -- Multiplayer should work correctly now
' -- Corrected a problem with Match
There was a mistake in all previous versions that I now noticed and justifies this update in such short time.

I also took the time to redo how targets are shown which required a bit more code and as a bonus
there are new target sounds (from fleep) and to used them I've redone the code as well.

I've played for quite a while after doing all the changes and I don't think i've broken something but if I did, let me know about it, after all, new code, new bugs :D

The .cfg file is the same as v1.2 but renamed so, cabinet users should still be fine and no weird ball perspective.

Table Release v1.3
' -- changed targets - thanks TerrRed for explaining why they should be this way.
' -- adjusted some volumes
' -- new target sounds and code
' -- correct rubber init problem
' Table Release v1.2
' -- Most current FizX at time of posting
' -- General corrections, fixes and cleaning
' -- SpecialKey1 and Special2Key to decrease/increase brightness
' -- Flippers spring effect
' -- added triggers to tiny posts. Now we have ball hit sounds on them too
' -- adjusted gameplay to match YT videos
' -- Fixed 8k polygon ball

If your CPU struggles to play with this table search for "fps=592" and change to fps=296 but there's a difference in the gameplay if you do so.

Use latest BAM version as always. It can be download from ravarcade website.

I hope I didn't mess up anything while updating this table but if I did and it escaped my testing, let me know and i'll do my best to correct it as soon as possible.

The spinners are just a bit harder to aim for than before but it is intended that way.

For version 1.2 only you can get the .cfg file from this post. It solves the ball perspective issue for cab users. Newer versions will get this file included in the download.
When the playfield is rotated the ball didn't show up. This update should fix that.
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