Cosmic Princess (LAI, 1979)

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Solid State Machines
Average Fun Rating:
Needs More Ratings! 7.3 / 10 (4 ratings) [ Add Your Rating! ]​
Date Of Manufacture:
August, 1979​
Model Number:
Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
336 units (confirmed)​
Serial Number Database:
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Star rollovers (7), Standup targets (2), Spinning targets (2), 5-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out hole (1), Left and right dual inlanes. Optional 'Photomat' unit mounted on backbox.​
According to The Complete Pinball Book, the optional photo unit mounted on the top of the backbox would take instant pictures of players whenever the high score was beaten. We don't know if any of these units have survived.

This game was manufactured in Australia by Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI) under license from Stern Electronics. Of the several pinball machines that Stern licensed to LAI, it was the only one that Stern did not also make themselves. It used the same game ROMs as Stern's 1979 'Magic'.​

It is a simple table, not much going on but to me, as 1st table to be done from scratch it was perfect.
This table was ready and playable in March 2002 (if my memory serves me well) but the delay however was not wasted as it made the table more appealing.

You can use Special Keys to adjust the brightness.

Thanks to all involved:

' JPSalas for allowing me to use his VPX table resources
' popotte for the help with bonus collect code
' Editoy @VPUniverse for the back glass
' Fleep for the sounds (and I ported the needed code to used them as well)
' JLou for everything.
' ravarcade for the continuous FP support and BAM
' Pinball Nirvana community
' Everyone that contributed one way or another to FP because that's what kept it alive.

' Table Release v1.00
' - Features:
' -- Dynamic Flippers v2 by JLou
' -- Dynamic Physics v1 by JLou
' -- Lights Inserts, lights and shadow maps by JLou
' -- Sounds extracted from Cosmic Princess rom
' -- Fleep's sounds
' -- smoke's Rolling ball sounds
' -- Ravarcade spinners code.
' -- Raycast ball shadows
  • Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.0.png
    Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.0.png
    2.7 MB · Views: 904
  • Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.02.png
    Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.02.png
    2.9 MB · Views: 913
  • Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.03.png
    Cosmic Princess v1.0 (AnonTet, JLou) v1.03.png
    2.6 MB · Views: 904

Latest updates

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  2. Updated to FizX v3

    - FizX v3 update - minor tweaks and corrections
  3. New features, bugs squashed

    ' Table Release v1.5.4 ' - Glass height set to realistic values. This table has almost no depth...
  4. minor fixes, new feature

    ' Table Release v1.5.3 ' -- code changes towards performance (hopefully no more crashes either)...
  5. minor fix for tilt reset

    Found an issue with the table not properly resetting after tilt. Unfortunately, that required...
  6. Minor release for a few fixes

    Sleep is overrated, so here is what I hope to be the last version of this table... until the...
  7. FizX 2.0 and more

    ' Table Release v1.5 ' -- Using AIO Example table (TerryRed & others) as base: ' -- Update...
  8. minor update related to sounds

    v 1.4.1 There are now sounds for walls New Gate sound code required small change Fix metal...
  9. new version - READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD

  10. new version v1.3

    There was a mistake in all previous versions that I now noticed and justifies this update in...

Latest reviews

Great first table Anontet !
Nice into to Fizx 3
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Great update! 9.5/10!
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A Great table, thank you.
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Great table. Physics are amazing.
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Thank you very much, plays like a charm !!!
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Very predictable ball play
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Upvote 0
You're welcome
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It's great now! Very nice improvements!
Thank you
Upvote 1
The OG example table for FizX (DFv2/DPv1)... and what a great example it is.

Nice use of BAM features, and plays great with FizX!
Thank you.
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