Metal Slug (Original)

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Solid State Machines
' AnonTet - v3.0 - FizX Mod
' - Thanks go to (in no particular order):
' -- Brendan for the table and the already good update from Dominique
' -- JLou for FizX and the code to separate DMDExt dmddevice.ini from the VP DMDdevice.ini
' -- Ravarcade for BAM
' -- TerryRed for the instructions on how to apply the new inserts
' -- Pinball Nirvana - I would not be releasing anything if wasn't here
' -- JLou for redoing the plastics and apron

' - added FizX
' - new inserts
' - new Lighting
' - small tweaks
' - added SSF
' - added PUP pack with Options for Backglass
' - added a DMD (now dmd extensions can be used)
' - added DMD animations for a few actions
' - is now possible to choose between DMD or original alphanumeric DispSegs'
' - added new voice for plunger
' - added sideblades and backwall + textures
' - added 2 spinners
' - Added a new (side) mission: "Expel the Rebel Army". Hit spinners 100x and win extra ammo... i mean ball.
' - added some hintlights to METAL|SLUG|WEAPON targets for better visibility in darker settings
' - added general music volume. default is 0.75 but it can be changed with variable MusicVolume
' - translite lighting changes
' - removed *.fpl dependencies
' - sound related changes
' - added 3/4 new weapon voices and randomized the calls to them

' Press StartGameKey +
' - Letter G: enables/disables old gameroom
' - Letter R: rotates new gameroom
' - Special2Key: increases brightness
' - Special1Key: decreases brightness

' ------- DMDExt USERS -------

If you have DMDext default install (using dmddevice.ini for both VPX and FP) then you'll have some code replace and it's beyond the scope of this text. Follow Terryred tutorial and install his version of dmdext or get the latest from the web.

I would recommend to effectively separate DMDExt for FP and VPX so here's how to do it.

' -- NOTE: If you have already done this before, skip it (until you install Windows again or somehow ENV was modified) --

' - DMDdevice.ini (you can use whatever name you want) can now be used independently from VPX
' - copy dmdext.exe file to your FP install folder.
' - copy your default dmddevice.ini to FP install folder (if you want to keep existing settings.
' -- You can edit and clean the new file to delete the VPX entries in there but not necessary.
' - Run 'Command Prompt' window as Administrator and go to your FP install folder (where 'future pinball.exe' is)
' - Run the following commands to set 2 environment variables so BAM can find their locations.
' -- setx DMDFP_EXE "%cd%\Dmdext.exe" /m
' -- setx DMDFP_INI "%cd%\DmdDevice.ini" /m
' -- check with: echo %DMDFP_EXE% and echo %DMDFP_INI% and the respective paths should point to where your files are
' - Default state is OFF. Press right flipper + special1key to activate it. It will be ON until you disabled it again.
  • Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX).png
    Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX).png
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  • Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX)2.png
    Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX)2.png
    2.2 MB · Views: 456
  • Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX)3.png
    Metal Slug V3.0 (BAM) (FizX)3.png
    2.5 MB · Views: 449

Latest updates

  1. re-uploading the file

    Some people had troubles with the uploaded zip. I suspect the issue was 7z picking up .7z...
  2. FizX update

    - FizX update to 3.30.03

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