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Cover Girl (Keeney, 1947)

EM Recreation BAM FP Cover Girl (Keeney, 1947) v1.3

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Manufacturer:J. H. Keeney and Company Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1934-1964)
Date Of Manufacture:December, 1947
Notable Features:5 balls per play. Flippers (7), Passive bumpers (10), Kick-out holes (3).
Notes:'Cover Girl' was the first flipper game made by Keeney.

The game was made in two versions-- rolldown and standard cabinet. This is the standard cab version.

This game is not to be confused with Gottlieb's 1945 'Cover Girl'.

BAM'ed version of @FranscicoPozo great table that you can find here.



  • Added Flipper-T7-Long and FLipper-T7 (short) models.
  • Reduced chance of tilt
  • Added DFv2 by JLou5641
  • Custom physics
  • BAM new render and lighting
  • A couple of bugs squashed
  • Added spotlights
  • Added rolling ball sounds
I hope you enjoy and please, leave feedback. If you find a problem, I will do my best to fix it.
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