FireBirds (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table FireBirds (Original) VP8 v1.2 final

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Version 1.2 Final

----------------------------------- FireBird Rules -----------------------------

Table Author "Lander"
Release 1.0

The Top four lanes score 50 pts

The Top three targets score 100 pts normal,bonus 50 pts and 3000 pts when chosen in mystery

When the three top targets are dropped Score 1000, bonus 500 and bonus multiplier
incremented by one

When the top four lane lights are lit, bonus multiplier incremented by one.

The four left targets and four right targets score 100 pts and bonus 50 pts normal
and 2000 pts when either chosen in mystery mode.
When all four of either are dropped score 1000 pts bonus 500 points.

Now when the four left targets are dropped the 1st time, The left outside drain lane Light
is lit,The second time and the left inside lane is lit. and vice verce for the right
targets. When all four lane lights are lit, Three arrows start flashing, These point to
three kickers, Two to the left and one to the right that was previously hidden. when the
ball now hits these kickers the ball is captured and another is added until all three are
captured, They are then kicked out for a three ball mutiball.
By the way, When each Kicker is hit Score 300 pts bonus 100 points.

Inner and outer lane triggers score 200 pts, Bonus 50 pts
When lit they score 1000 pts and bonus 200 pts.

Every time a ball completes a center ramp score 200 pts or 5000 pts when chosen in mystery

When ten ramp loops are completed, a six ball multiball is entered. This Happens every time
ten ramp loops are completed ie, 10.20.30.etc

The bonus multiplier is not decremented until all five balls have expired.

The top mauve kicker when hit, triggers Mystery mode. and Text is displayed at the top of
the table. These are self explanatory

Highscore Save and Tilt are incorporated.

I Have played this until my fingers are dropping off, and i think i have found all of the
buggs. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Well i think that is all........ Have fun

Regards Lander.
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