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FJ (Hankin, 1978) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation FJ (Hankin, 1978) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Hankin 1978,
IPD No. 3627

Making F and J lights top eject saucer to increase bonus value
Making left and right eject holes scores 3,000 points and spots lowest unlit stepping target
First time lights repective spin target
Second time lights respective star rollovers

Making stepping targets -
1st row will score 500 points each and completing first row scores 5,000 points
2nd row will score 1500 points if the target is lit, or 500 points if not. Completing the second row will score 10,000 points and an extra ball.
3rd row will score 3000 points if the target is lit, or 1500 points if not. Completing the third row will score 20,000 points and activate special sequence.

Making center target during special sequence will score value of the lit insert.

Tilt penalty=Ball in play.
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