Formula 1 Team (Original)

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Solid State Machines


You get to complete the 12 laps to finish a race and to finish first on the podium.
To finish in first position must:

- Complete the 12 laps.

- Carry at that time at least 1,400,000 points, and
- Having lit the 16 central circle colored lights.

Failure to comply with the above end up at another position.

Some points:

- Upon completion of the center circle multicolor: 250,000 points.

- When completing a race (the 12 laps): 120,000 points.
- By completing a lap (4 red lights of the central circle): 30,000 points.
- Each time the red car moves left aisle: 10,000 points.
- Yellow light flashing Red Cross Hospital: 30,000 Bonus points and X2, X3, X4.

Multiball in: Targets Round Red / White.

And if you run out of fuel ...?

You just have to start the race Formula 1 Team.

Good Luck!
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