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Girl Next Door (4 tables) (Bandai's Tamagotchi, 1996) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Girl Next Door (4 tables) (Bandai's Tamagotchi, 1996) VP8 v3.0 2020-01-28

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Girl Next Door by Patrick and Tiltjlp

Life simulation, working like a tamagotchi, but including cartoon texts, animations, clips and pinball games.

You adopt a baby girl abandoned on a pinball.

She asks you questions like in a cartoon. You answer by hiting the targets of a pinball and the game advances one month by ball played. You can also win differents things at a Bagatelle game. You have to restart at the beginning if you lose your 5 lifes.

The game has four tables:

GNDintro: Introduction and initialization of the game parameters

GNDchild: Child life, including baby animations (from 0 to 6 years) and Chobits anime (from 6 to 12 years). That table uses the playfields of Rambler Bagatelle (Rich toys 1930), Buffalo Bill (Gottlieb 1950), Advance Roll (Genco 1946), A.G. Soccer-Ball (Alvin G 1991) and the backglass of Fun Fair (Genco 1958).

GNDteen: Teen life. She becomes Sailor Moon Venus ( from 13 to 16 years) and she lives for Sailor moon transformations as in the well known cartoon. At 16 years, she transforms herself into Elisha Cuthbert teen with animated clips coming from Lucky girl, Believe, 24 ... Uses the Bingo New Orleans (Sirmo 1984) to answer to her questions and an original Sailor Moon Bagatelle. Dont works if you dont win in GNDchild table.

GNDwoman: Woman Life. Uses animated clips from The Girl Next Door movie. If you marry her, you win a generation and restart in Table 2 for a new generation. If you dont win before she is 31 years old, she leaves you for the young boy of the movie. Uses an original Girl Next Door pinball inspirated by Spellbinder by Williams and an antique love tester machine (Exhibit supply 1929). Dont works if you dont win in GNDteen table.

If you have not 250 mb memory free and a good graphic card, this game might take a little while loading. Once loaded, the game is very fluid. Enjoy the game for the fantasy that it is.

Recommended configuration: 2,8 Ghz - 512 Ram
Minimum configuration: 1,8 Ghz - 256 Ram
Program size: 12 Mb

This is our first and probably only Locked Release. The reason is that if any of the graphics, animation, or texts are altered, the game will be destroyed. So in order to protect all our hard work, and you DL time, we have decided to lock the table.
Enjoy the game for the fantasy that it is. If you don't win at first. Restart the game and try again.

IMPORTANT: You must launch the intro before your first play and you MUST GIVE A NAME to you and to the girl in the input box of the intro. Do not just click OK or return. Write a name in the inputbox. The girl does not accept to play with a noname boy. Then you can play, begining by the child table.
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