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Hook (Data East, 1992) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Hook (Data East, 1992) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Joep, El Condor, Destruk, Apocalypse, DataDragon, Pingod, SubZero1970
Version 1
Data East 1992
IPD No. 1233

Jackpot: Collect Jackpot on Lit Baseball or Windcoaster
Ramps. Shooting Weapon Targets Increases
Multiball: Shoot all targets (Top Left Clock Shop also spots
Targets) to lite lock, lock one ball to lite Plunger
Skill Shot. Plunging to lit holes starts 3 Ball play.
Skill Shot: Shoot ball into flashing hole to collect award (see
Ramp Values 1-2-3).
Bangerang: Shoot Skull to lite Value. Shoot Scoop to collect
Value. Completing all six Values lites Bangerang.
Completing Bangerang awards 50 Million & Lites
all features.
Baseball Ramp: Shooting ramp twice lites award for 5 Million
Windcoaster Ramp: Shooting ramp collects lit Value and advances
toward 3 Million Plus.
Pirate Town Special: Completing Drop Targets collects Value
when lit.
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