Indianapolis 500 (Bally, 1995) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Indianapolis 500 (Bally, 1995) VP8 v5.01 JP 2020-01-28

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Indianapolis 500 (Bally, 1995) VP8 v5.01 JP
by JPSalas
IPD No. 2853

VPM table, needs original roms to work.
Thanks to wtiger for suggesting me this table.
Thanks to Dorsola for writting to original turbo code and giving me permission to use his code.

Revision History:
5.01 Changed the ramps shadow and the transparent ramp/lock on the left side.

5.0 Updated backdrop, rubbers, script...

1.01 26.march

fixed reported bugs:
- flippers gap too wide
- bumpers lights should light together with the bumper flashers.
- the lower eject should kick the ball to the upper eject.
Indianapolis - Bally 1995

OBJECT: To win the most challenging race in the world, the Indianapolis 500 and take a victory lap.

SKILL SHOT: After Ball Launch shoot left ramp to collect Skill Shot Award.

SPEEDWAY AWARD: Outer left loop shot lights Speedway Award. Outer right loop shot awards lit speedway item.

TURBO MULTI-BALL: Outer left loop shot lights Turbo lock. Lock two balls for TURBO Multi-Ball. Shoot for Jackpots on ramps, or relock all three balls in the turbo for Super Jackpot!

PIT STOP MULTI-BALL: Complete the P-I-T lanes at the top of the playfield to light 'PIT STOP'. Shoot right ramp when PIT STOP is lit to start pit stop.

LIGHT-UP TARGETS: Shoot Light-up Targets when flashing. Complete Light-up Bank waves for Jackpots.

SOUVENIR: Collect the Indy Souvenirs and discover the secrets that each unlocks. Collect all souvenirs for Jackpot.

VICTORY LAP: Complete any race status section to light Victory Lap!
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Poor rating because the table looks fantastic but the balls keep acting weird* and getting stuck. Fortunately JP made better and improved versions later

*That's what SHE said
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