Jaws (Original) ULTIMATE

SS Original Table BAM FP Jaws (Original) ULTIMATE v1.05-3 (Slamt1lt's Collection)

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Solid State Machines
by GeorgeH, Gimli, rom, SLAMT1LT
at 2019-01-15
Type Original

Custom Physics

NOTE: This table uses Dynamic Flippers that require use of BAM version 1.4-233 (or later) that was released on July 15, 2018. It is very easy to upgrade. You can download the most current version at the following link. This installation file installs Future Pinball and BAM at the same time. If you have either Future Pinball or BAM already installed, you can still run it and it will bring everything up to date. The table can actually be played without using BAM but the performance is horrible.

=== Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-3 ===

Although Slamt1lt posted a new version of Jaws on his web site, I simply can't leave a flawed version of the table unchanged, and I have fixed the bounce control portion of dynamic flippers. When I posted the first version of this table, I was having trouble figuring out how to adjust bounce control. So the flippers didn't have enough bounce, but I have it figured out now. We are defining bounce control as the amount of bounce the ball makes when it hits a stationary flipper. All the versions have had bounce control active all the time until now. Gimli has created a new version of bounce control that I have added to this table. He wanted to turn bounce control off when the ball is cradled by the flipper. He created a new version that turns bounce control off when the ball speed is less than 200. About the only time the ball speed is less than 200 is when it is cradled by a flipper. I checked the ball speed when it rolls down an inlane. Although it is usually pretty slow, I found it is higher than 300 so the ball speed of 200 appears to be a good criteria for identifying when the ball is cradled. Then I fixed the bounce control on Version 1.05-2 so it was identical to Version 1.05-3 in every way except for Gimli's new bounce control. When I first tried Gimli's new version on other tables, I told him I couldn't tell any difference between it and the previous version. I held that view until I added his new version to this table. Once again on this version, I couldn't tell any difference between the two versions initially. But then I noticed my scores were better on the version with Gimli's new bounce control. ...So are my improved scores the result of Gimli's new bounce control or just random luck? I am honestly not sure but I can say Gimli's new code does not have any negative effects as far as I can tell. I have decided to post both versions and let you decide for yourselves.

Gimli and I have different preferences for the amount of bounce. Gimli likes a lot of bounce and I prefer low bounce. The best compromise I was able to provide in the previous versions was to include direction in the PDF guide in the download on how to change it to his preferences. I have figured out a better compromise that I think will benefit everyone. If you want to increase or decrease bounce, it can be difficult because there are 4 parameters in the script that you have to adjust. To make it easier, I have provided a list in the script comments for 12 sets of predetermined values that can be entered into the bounce control code. You can use these same values on all the tables that I have posted which have dynamic flippers. You might want to copy my comments in the script from this table and paste them into the other tables that you may have downloaded. The script includes directions on how to make the changes and requires no special skill. Just look for "BOUNCE CONTROL" in the script.

This posting has the following downloads:

Version 1.05-2 - Bounce control is active all the time.

Version 1.05-3 – This version is identical in every way to Version 1.05-2 except bounce control is turned off when the ball is cradled by the flipper (or ball speed is less than 200).

Gimli and I would love to read your comments, especially if you try both versions.


=== Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-2 ===

Version 1.05-2 fixes a meditation error for format and number on PCs in Europe. It occurred when displaying the ranking for your score at the end of a game. The error only occurred in European countries. PCs in other countries will not experience a problem. Gimli and I do not live in Europe and were not able to test the change as well as we would have liked. If you continue to experience a problem like this, please post a message on PinSimDB or the GoPinball forum.

I have also noticed a minor flaw in the script for dynamic flippers on tables I have issued. It is feasible that during multiball, the calculation of flipper omega might be applied to the opposite flipper. This might seem to be a serious problem but it would only occur when two balls hit both flippers at exactly the same time and also activate both flippers at the same time. Since this occurrence is so unlikely, I decided to only fix tables going forward but if you are interested in copying the script for dynamic flippers, I would suggest using this version and not "Medieval Madness ULTIMATE 1.02" or "Phantom of the Opera ULTIMATE 1.04-1". The table, "The Hungry Dead 1.2" has been fixed.


=== Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-1 ===

Ahh! Here it is, a table built by the best model builder of all time, Rom! Then it was modified by the great Slamt1lt! This is Slamt1lt's version 1.05 before he removed it from his site. This is an original table and it plays as well as a recreation of any real world table. Back in 2015, Gimli posted a version of one of Slam's versions of this table from 2013 that had multiplayer, two save modes and background animations for the DMD. I asked Gimli if he would incorporate the same changes he added to Slam's old version into Slam's most recent version 1.05. Gimli has done just that and here it is!

Gimli added the same features from his "Jaws Ultimatum 1.01" version which include true multiplayer, a save game and crash recovery feature, DMD animations, and DMD based high score entry. Of course, he couldn't just incorporate the existing changes into version 1.05, he implemented many other improvements as well. He added his excellent menu system. I like it because it is the most intuitive menu I have ever seen on a table. I provide more information about how to navigate the menus in the PDF file that is in the download but you may not need it. He fixed a fixed bug that has long been with the table where the shark's jaw would sometimes roll around in a complete circle between balls. His previous version had a minor issue where the DMD would become darker that we fixed.

Gimli created two virtual reality versions of the table in addition to the basic version. The VR versions are designed with full virtual rooms that work well with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift. Even the basic version has alternating room art that changes the theme with game intensity like during multiball and barrel modes.

Then of course I added a version of the table for use for a desktop PC on a single monitor with a portrait orientation. This version will be of interest to you if the monitor on your PC can be rotated 90 degrees. I have added a screenshot of it that you can view on the "Images" tab of this posting. This posting has three download options. 1) the basic version for use on PCs and pinball cabinets, 2) the two VR versions and 3) the version for desktop PC with a rotated monitor which includes directions on how to set it up.

Gimli did make a minor change to the rules. He added a "Shark Hit Mode". Slam's version of the table requires that you hit each of the 3 center targets to open the path to lock the 3 balls needed to start Bruce multiball. Gimli changed it so hitting the shark 5 times will also open the path to lock balls for Bruce multiball instead of hitting the 3 center targets. You will also get a bonus each time you hit the shark with the mouth closed. Gimli said that it seemed wrong that hitting the shark during normal game play didn't provide any benefit. I have to agree. On Slam's version of the table, you get no points or any other benefit when you hit the shark with the mouth closed. I like Gimli's version better.

I performed some work on the table also. I created custom physics for this table. The XML file has been added to the script so you don't need to deal with an extra files other than the table itself. This version also implements dynamic flippers. Dynamic flippers implement 3 different factors for flippers. 1) The geometry of the default flipper on Future Pinball is not quite right near the tip plus a single ball hit on the flippers registers as two hits so hitting the ball there can lead to inconsistent results. 2) Gimli and I developed some code to make the flipper hit the ball harder the closer the ball hits the base of the flipper. The flippers don't hit the ball quite as hard as it gets closer to the tip. This makes the flippers perform more like real world flippers. 3) The final aspect of the change is the setting of the flipper elasticity has been enhanced. It is most noticeable when the ball hits a stationary flipper. I have added some coding that allows you to table to play without using BAM version 1.4-233 or later but I don't like the way it performs because it turns off these flipper enhancements. You really should try Dynamic Flippers.

Those of you that have played Slam's version will probably notice that his ball has more bounce than this version. Personally, I don't like it because I think it bounces much more than a real world table. I think my version makes the ball perform more like a real table but Gimli figured out a way to modify the Dynamic Flippers to make them perform more like Slam's version. I provide directions in the PDF file on you to implement these changes.

I probably spent too much time working on ways to improve on hitting the path to lock the 3 balls needed to start Bruce multiball. I have always thought that hitting this lane should be easier. I reshaped the lanes somewhat which helped but finally added two kickers to boost the ball up to where it needs to be. All of this works and the dynamic flippers make hitting the lane more precise.

I found that Rom added high resolution playfield and plastics (2048x4096) to the very first version of the table but then later reduced the resolution to 1024x2048. Slam ended up using the 1024x2048 version but I changed the table back to the 2048x4096 version. The high resolution version is only available on the "Day" version. The "Night" version which is what Slam used, is only available in 1024x2048. I provide directions in the PDF file if you want to switch to the "Night" version but be aware that it is lower resolution.

Slam did not make the HUD Toggle Key work on this table so Gimli and I added it. All you need to do is press the HUD Toggle Key to toggle the heads up display (HUD) off and on. The setting is then saved to the fpRam file in your Future Pinball folder. Gimli added an option for the HUD toggle on the menu also.

Previous versions of the table use the texture from the backboard as the table loading screen. I thought this table deserves better than this so I added a new texture. I also created a version that displays the texture in portrait format if you need it. There are directions in the PDF file on how to swap these textures.

I performed a modification to the plunger so it operates more smoothly. It allows better control of the ball when it is launched. The plunger mod does require that you hold the plunger down a bit longer than on previous versions of the table. Just press the plunger key and hold it. Then watch the plunger withdraw and then release it at the desired point. It won't work if you press and immediately release the plunger key.

I got tired of always seeing the playfield through the shark's open mouth so I added black surfaces inside the shark's head to block the view. About the only thing you might see now is the reflection off the wire cage that is needed to catch the ball so I couldn't remove it. It is barely noticeable though.

I encountered a few rare occurrences where the ball got stuck in the Barrel Kicker during multiball. This happened twice in over a hundred plays. If this occurs, I added some coding where you can press the letter "K" and make all the kickers activate.

Lastly, I made the Heads Up Display (HUD) slightly larger to make it easier to read the DMD and see larger videos. It still fits on the left side of the screen and does not block view of the table. I also made the video display on the HUD during the attract sequence. Now, all the video that is displayed on the movie screen on the playfield is also displayed on the HUD.

I hope you enjoy this table mod,


Tables of collection Slamt1lt's Collection :
Attack From Mars ULTIMATE 1.02-2
Iron Man ULTIMATE 1.06-2
Jaws ULTIMATE 1.05-3
Medieval Madness ULTIMATE 1.02-2
Phantom of the Opera ULTIMATE 1.04-3

This table is a mod of :
Jaws Ultimatum 1.01
The download includes a PDF file whech has the Notes for the table and the rules.
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