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See the "Update" tab for changes on Version 1.5.

Just in time for Halloween come the ghouls on The Hungry Dead! I have always loved this table even though I have never cared too much for the macabre. This table never carries the macabre too far and it is all in fun. It is kid-friendly and fun for all ages to play.

This table was originally designed to delete the progress you make in the game if the ball drains before you reach your goal. For that reason, it might produce some disappointment, especially for kids. However, on this version, I have added Easy Mode! It not only keeps your progress in the game when the ball drains, but you can also adjust how long two timed sequences last. The default is to have it turned off so you need to change it before you give it to your kids. To be honest, I rather like the easy mode myself. I have added a full description at the beginning of the script on how to make changes.

I added FizX Lite 3.0 and the latest version of the FizX tweaker. Gimli and I have spent much time improving the tweaker. I have noticed that the tweaker is much more stable than it was when it was first released. The tweaker has overlays that describe each of the FizX parameters and how to navigate the tweaker. All you need to remember is to press the Special 1 key to open the tweaker. Even if you don't understand the options, I encourage you to at least make adjustments to "Bounce Choices" that have options anyone will understand. I set it up for my personal preference but I think most people prefer more bounce than I do.

This table has never had an attract mode. That is the light show and music that play before you start the game. All the tables I have modified have always had a light sequence during the attract mode. This is the first time I have ever added one. It was a learning experience. I think you will like it.

This table has five lighting options that you can adjust by pressing the Special 2 key. The "FP Orig" lighting mode is for those of you who have low-end PCs. There are lots of other options at the beginning of the script where you can change settings for those of you who like to tweak things. The HUD Toggle key also works.

Zip File – Must Read

There is a zip file included in the download. It contains the model of a ball with 1K polygons. Do not unzip the zip file. Just save it with the same name as the table and place it in the same folder as the table. If you don't use it, the physics won't be correct.

Table Loading Screen

There are five table-loading textures as listed below. The three landscape textures are intended to be used on desktop PCs. The two portrait textures are intended to be used on pinball cabinets. In this version, I added a less gruesome landscape texture that is more kid-friendly.


Rotated Display Version

If you have ever downloaded one of my table mods, you have probably noticed there are usually two variations. There is a basic version for general PC usage and pinball cabinets. The other version of the table is for use on a desktop PC on a single monitor with a portrait orientation. This version would be of interest to you if your monitor can be turned 90 degrees.

The tweaker on this table presented a special problem for my rotated display version. It requires more space on the backbox for the tweaker overlays than I usually allocate. I couldn't use a HUD for the same reasons that it doesn't usually work on a cabinet. I managed to create views using BAM's desktop camera. I was surprised it worked for a table with 270-degree rotation. Then I thought about having to revise my setup guide. I normally use the same Static Cam menu used by the cabinet guys. My old guide was 1 1/2 pages long. After thinking about it, I realized that the only instructions you need are:

1) Open the "Video / Rendering Options" menu in FP and change the "Rotation" option to 270 degrees.
2) Rotate your monitor clockwise 90 degrees and play the table.

The camera settings are coded in the script and are run automatically. The view will change when you open the tweaker so you can see more of the backbox. When you close the tweaker, the view changes back to the normal view. If you ever replace the monitor on your PC, be sure to get one that has a stand that rotates. I added screenshots of the normal and tweaker views.


I hope you enjoy the table. I have revised it three times so it should be obvious I like it.


Table Developers


Contributions by:

Gimli – Codeveloper of the Tweaker
JLou5641 - Creator of FizX
Fleep - Created recordings for mechanical sounds
TerryRed – Developer of the "All in One" template of FizX
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