Mach 2.0 Two (Spinball, 1995) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Mach 2.0 Two (Spinball, 1995) VP8 v1.2 [tiny] 2020-01-28

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Mach 2.0 Two (Spinball, 1995) VP8 v1.2 [tiny]
by Destruk, TAB, Maior, tinyrodent
IPD No. 4617

(this is the original rule sheet translation. see in-game rules for an alternate based on game observations.)

Skill Shot:
Shoot the lit target to stop the sequence and to obtain:
Score:High Random Points
Million Time:For a time, each ramp is worth 1 million points
?:Lights Jackpot, super jackpot, extra ball, special
High Score:Knocker
Crazy Switch:For a time, enables Double scoring

Moving Ramp
Hit Center Ramp a set number of times to activate moving ramp

For a time, pop bumpers are worth 1 million points. Activated by completing lower left target bank.

Bonus X
VUK increases bonus multiplier

Completing red targets activates jackpot. Collect by hitting the VUK

Super Jackpot
Completing green targets activates super jackpot. Collect during multiball.

Extra Ball
Completing yellow targets activates extra ball. Collect during multiball.
Completing MACH activates extra ball which is collected by hitting the captive ball.

Completing all targets and completing MACH activates Special. Collect in multiball.

5 Million
Hit captive ball to light 5 million target scoring. 5 Million is awarded for hitting targets.

Bottom Left Bank activates Crazy Switch mode
Center Bank activates Million Time mode
Top Bank activates Crazy Switch mode

You can lock balls in the airplane and under the playfield near the captive ball.

Multiball 2
Starts when the ball passes through the incline when there is one ball locked under the playfield, introducing the ball in the hole, or when there is a ball locked in the airplane.

Multiball 3
Starts whhen there are 3 balls locked in the airplane, hitting the ball in the hole, or the central ramp when there are two balls locked in the airplane.
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