Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega, 1995) VP9

VP9 Sega SS Recreation Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Sega, 1995) VP9 v1.0 [16-9]

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Sega 1995
IPD No. 947

DISCLAIMER: This rule sheet is meant as a guideline only, and is
not an official documentation. To the best of our knowledge, the
information contained in this rule sheet is accurate. However, due to
various ROM editions, operator setup options, and tournament
modes, the rules of any particular game may deviate from those
listed below. The rules of the game are always final, and any discrepancies
between this rule sheet and the actual game rules cannot
be used as a basis for protest.
This rule sheet is based on rules provided courtesy Sega Pinball, and
updated by Don Coons <[email protected]> and Dave Stewart
<[email protected]> for distribution at PAPA-5.
1. Playfield Description
Skill Shot: Throw The Switch to score the shifting value indicated in
the display, worth 1M, 5M, 10M or 20M.
Ice Cave: Shoot the Ice Cave (ball eject) during 1-ball play for a
random award. The Ice Cave also spots two letters of FRANKENSTEIN.
When Alive (Kickback feature) is not lit, the Ice Cave
relights it.
Pop Bumpers: Start at 250K per hit. The last Pop Bumper to be hit
will flash. Pop Bumper values are increased by the ‘left inlane to
spinner’ shot, adding 50K per spin to the flashing pop bumper.
Bumpers can also be increased via the Ice Cave awards.
Sarcophagus: Upper scoop, starts each ball with a base value of 5M.
When the scoop is unlit, each shot increases this value by 5M. The
left orbit lights the scoop for collecting it. Making the left orbit to
scoop combo gives double the value. The Sarcophagus also spots
one FRANKENSTEIN letter when not lit, two when lit.
North Pole: During 1-ball play, the vertical up-kicker (VUK) spots
one FRANKENSTEIN letter, or two letters on an “inlane to
VUK” combo. Extra ball is collected at the North Pole when lit.
The North Pole is also used to lock balls and start Multiball.
Ingolstadt: During 1-ball play, the Ingolstadt spinner scores 100K
per spin. An “inlane to spinner” combo shot adds 50K per spin to
whichever pop bumper is flashing and scores 200K per spin. The
Ice Cave may award “spinner at max” for 300K per spin.
Geneva (lower scoop) when lit adds a letter to GENEVA. The scoop
starts each ball lit, and after collecting it may be subsequently lit
by shooting the right orbit (or by the right inlane for a short time).
Completing GENEVA starts Geneva Multiball.
Alive: The left outlane provides the Alive kickback. Relight Alive
by shooting the Ice Cave.
Double Bonus: When lit, the right outlane doubles the player’s endof-
ball bonus.
Extra Ball: An extra ball is collected at the VUK whenever it is lit
during game play. When extra balls are disabled, it scores 50M.
2. Frankenstein Features
One of the following eight features are started whenever a player
completes the FRANKESTEIN targets on the playfield. The player
may be spotted letters as detailed above. After completing all eight
features, a 6-ball Multiball feature will be available. Shooting the
CHANGE SCENE TARGET changes the next feature.
Frankenstein Millions: Frankenstein targets are flashing: score 5M
per target for the first 6, 8M per target for the next 3, and 10M per
target thereafter. This is a timed round that lasts 30 seconds.
Stoning: A fast-scoring round that last 30 seconds. Switch values
start at 250K and increase based on the number of switch closures
Creature Feature: Ramp shots score millions. Try to make 8 shots to
spell CREATURE before the timer expires for a bonus. Inlane to
ramp shot may give two letters.
Lynch Justine: Shoot the left orbit for successive Hurry-Up values. 3
shots to complete.
North Pole: Shoot the north pole VUK for countdown values.
Lite Extra Ball: Lights extra ball at the north pole for LIVE AGAIN.
Voltage Mode: One of the four jackpots is lit. Shoot it before the
voltmeter indicates low power. If successful, another jackpot is lit,
which must be shot before the meter indicates an overload. All
four jackpots will be lit.
Graveyard: Various holes (Up-kicker, eject, or scoops) are lit to collect
body parts. Collect 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso, and a brain for
score and completion bonus.
Complete All Modes for Secret Creation 3- to 6-ball feature with Big
Monster points.
3. Multiball
Shoot the ramp to light lock. Lock ball at the North Pole VUK for 2-
ball play. Re-lock balls at the North Pole and after locking 1st ball, a
timer starts with a countdown value of 59M. Shoot the north pole
again before timer expires to start 3-6 ball multiball. The player’s timing
is important. A successful shot into the VUK very quickly will
start 6-ball multiball. The longer it takes the player to shoot the VUK
will determine if 3-5 ball multiball will be initiated.
Jackpots: At the beginning of multiball, two jackpots are lit. These
jackpots may be shifted to a new location by hitting the move jackpot
target. During multiball, the spinner increases the jackpot value by
1M per spin.
During this period FRANKENSTEIN letters are being scored as well
as jackpots – completing the two jackpots and all the letters lights
Creature Jackpot at the ramp. Also, completing the two jackpots adds
one more ball into play.
Scoring Creature Jackpot lights the Sarcophagus (Upper Scoop) for
50M. Shooting Sarcophagus lights a roving Super Jackpot. Once the
Super Jackpot is scored, the multiball sequence recycles, but with four
jackpots lit instead of two.
4. Miscellaneous
Combination shots: Frankenstein features several multi-way combos.
These combo involve natural sequences of key shots in the
game. Several undocumented difficult combos may also be
End of ball bonus: the sum of Main Playfield Shots (ramp, orbits,
VUK, upper/lower scoops, eject) x 1M + FRANKENSTEIN letters
completed x 1M.
5. Tournament Settings
No replays or extra balls. Special awards 100M. Extra balls award
50M. Ice Cave awards are in a fixed sequence, not random. Frankenstein
awards are in a fixed sequence, not random.
6. Strategy Summary
This is a very new game that very few people have played, and thus
there are no strategies to speak of yet.
Professional and Amateur Pinball Association’s Guide to
Sega’s Frankenstein
Version as of January 22, 1995

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