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Monster Bash (Williams, 1998) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Monster Bash (Williams, 1998) VP8 v1.3 Jamin

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Monster Bash (Williams, 1998) VP8 v1.3 Jamin
by Jamin
IPD No. 4441


SKILL SHOT: Collect flashing light in the top lanes (D-I-G) for points and a random Monster Item.
Use flippers to change lanes.

MONSTER FEATURES: Collect monsters by starting each monster's feature.
-CREATURE FEATURE: Shoot lagoon to collect awards.
-BALL & CHAIN: Complete left and right ramps.
-FRANK COMES ALIVE: Collect body parts by hitting Frank targets and shoot Frank ramp to start Multiball.
-MUMMY MAYHEM: Get jet bumper hits to light Mummy Mayhem.
-FULL MOON FEVER: Collect moon phases (loop shots) to start Full Moon Fever.
-DRAC ATTACK: Hit Drac Attack targets to spell DRACULA.
Finish features to collect musical instruments.

EXTRA BALL: Collect monster(s) or shoot Mosh Pit (spinner shot) to light extra ball.

SPECIAL: Collect musical instrument(s) to light Special.

MONSTER BASH: Collect all six monsters to light Monster Bash.

MONSTERS OF ROCK: Collect all six musical instruments to light Monsters of Rock.

MONSTER ITEMS: Shoot Mosh Pit (spinner shot) to collect items. Use Monster Items by hitting
launch button during features for easier scoring.

MOSH PIT MULTIBALL: Shoot Mosh Pit (spinner) to light Mosh Pit Multiball.
Easter Egg Alert:
Before launching the first ball, and with credits on the machine (or free play), press the left flipper 11 times, then press the right flipper once, the left flipper 5 times, the right flipper once, the left flipper 6 times, and finally the right flipper once. The game will say "Totally" then launch the ball. Hitting the scoop with this ball will start Lyman's Lament, playing different music along with the voice of programmer Lyman Sheats commenting while that ball is played.
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