Monte Carlo (Gottlieb, 1987) VP9

VP9 Gottlieb SS Recreation Monte Carlo (Gottlieb, 1987) VP9 v1.2 [16-9] 2020-01-28

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Destruk, Lander, TAB, XtremeMame
Gottlieb 1987
IPD No. 1622

Upper Rollovers
-counts without Light 5.000 Points
-counts with Light 15.000 Points and lights one Bumper
-counts when all Rollovers and Bumpers lightning 50.000 Points

Right Flipper
-press Flipper-button to stop the upper Light.

-counts 10.000 Points
-starts Roulett and holds Ball when blinking

After Roulett:
-it gives 10.000 Points for a lightning even or uneven number if it's the same as showing on the Roulett.
-it gives 10.000 Points for a lightning red or black Colour if it's the same as showing on the Roulett.
-if it's the same Drop-Target-Number and the Roulett-Number it goes to X-Bonus
-you got the Speciallamp on the upper Hole if you have the 00-Position on the Roulett
-you got the Extra-Ball-Lamp if you have the 0-Position on the Roulett

Drop Targets

-all Drop-Targets down Bonus moves one step on
-counts without Light 5.000 Points
-counts with Light 10.000 Points
-counts 15.000 Points and blinking Lamps goes to lightning Lamps

Left Ramp, Rollunder
-counts Bonus and move Ramp up

Upper left Rollunder
-counts 5.000 points and added Bonus

Right Ramp, Inrun Rollunder
-no Points

Right Ramp,Outrun Rollunder
-counts 30.000 Points and added Bonus
-counts 10.000 Points if Lamp blinks

-counts 15.000 Points, added Bonus and open Ballgate

Left and right Outruns
-counts 50.000 Points and close the Ballgate

Left and right Returns
-counts 300 Points

-counts 30 points and changes even and uneven Lamps

-counts without Lights 1.000 Points
-changes red and black Lamps
-counts with Lights 10.000 Points
-Bumperlights changes

-counts Bonus

-all is tripled with three Balls
-all is doubled with two Balls

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