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Solid State Machines
Mr. Bean By Jukecade Pinball
Thanks for downloading this Pinball Table. I am a beginner when it comes to FP design and coding, so please forgive the bad coding and ideas taken from other tables. I do hope you enjoy what I have designed. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, improvements ideas and bug reports.
* 3 Balls per game.
* When "Shoot Again: is flashing you will automatically get a free ball.
* Game over when all balls have been used.
* Tilt will loose the current ball in play.
* Completing certain bonuses or certain targets will light next "Mr Bean Pinball" title bulb.
* When all Title bulbs are lit the next X bonus will be lit, up to x5.
* Light the blue B E A N for double rollover points
* Hit all 3 Scrapper targets to raise the bonus Scrapper drop targets.
* Hit all Scrapper bonus targets for +50 points light bonus.
* Hit all 5 Teddy targets to raise the bonus Teddy drop targets.
* Hit all Teddy bonus targets for +75 points light bonus.
* Find hidden kicker to use the right hand wire ramp.
* Hit the Scrapper, Irma, Mrs Wicket & Bean drop targets to open Parking Lot kicker feature.
* Hit Parking Lot kicker to move ball to raised parking lot playfield.
* Hit all the blue car drop targets to start the multiball feature.
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