VP8 Original Table Recreation Video Games Nemesis 1.2 (and archive)

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JPSalas very first VP pin! :o

Triggers and bumpers awards 10 points or 200 when lit.
Triggers on the top lits the 4 bumpers.
Triggers on the top right awards Multiball and Collect Bonus.

Drop targets always awards 50 points

Extra ball at 25.000, 50.000 and 75.000 points.

Completing the 3 targets on middle of the playfield:
1st time opens gate
2nd time awards Save Ball
3rd time awards Special (including Multiball and Collect bonus features)

Triggers advance bonus.
Knocking down all the 4 drop targets at the sides awards double bonus plus 500 points. The upper 4 drop targets awards tripple bonus plus 500 points.
Max bonus is 9990 points.
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