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Nova (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Nova (Original) VP8 v0.96 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Hit small bumpers to sink respective purple -, blue - and yellow figures
Sink all figures to get access and collect bonus
Make loops to increase your resources and speed
Shoot spinners to charge up spaceship accumulators and get enough power for liftoff
Activate 6 switches to start NOVA mode
Complete S-H-A-K-E lights to start SHAKE mode
Shoot center bumper during NOVA - or SHAKE mode to add resources
Rescue seven solar systems
HIGH SCORE: saved.
NO TILT - you can nudge as much as you (must) want
MUSIC: AKAI music award winner '97
NOVA - Aurora
YELLO - Magnetic
YELLO - Monolith
TOMMY GEE - Phat n' Fresh
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Spanish Nights
derVito aka starman7007
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