Pistol Poker (Alvin G., 1993) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Pistol Poker (Alvin G., 1993) VP8 v1.03

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Authors: Joep ,TAB ,Destruk
IPD No. 1805

This rulesheet was based on AG10/R3 ROM's, and is not guaranteed to be correct, and it is definitely not complete! "An' nobody can say anythin'!" :)

Slingshots: Traditional style.

Flippers: Large rounded style. Like the old Bally games, except much stronger.

S-P-O-T Lanes: These are the out-lanes and the in-lanes. Light SPOT to spot a random card in the backbox deck. (Notice the stereo sound effects!) Inlanes score 25,000 points. Outlanes score 500,000 points.

Heart Cards: 5 standup targets on the lower left playfield. Shoot for the flashing card. Cards score 250,000 points when lit, otherwise 50,000 points.

Jail: Left ramp to upper playfield. Collects hand when lit, and spots a heart in Megamode. If the ball does not go all the way up to the top playfield, this shot will also score the Ace of Spades! Jail scores 100,000 points.

Club Cards: 4 standup targets in the middle of the lower playfield. Shoot for the flashing card. The ace of spades is the gun saucer. Cards score 250,000 points when lit, otherwise 50,000 points.

Club Loop: Small inner loop on lower playfield. Enter between the 10 and Queen of clubs, and exit between the King and Jack of clubs. Scores 500,000 points. Consecutive shots score 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, and 5 Mil points.

Center Scoop: Scoop from lower playfield (between the King and Jack of Clubs) to the upper playfield just below the pop bumpers. Collects hand when lit. Scores 200,000 points.

Blackjack Ramp: Big right ramp. Scores 1 then 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Mil. points per consecutive shot. Also collects hand when lit, and spots a diamond in Megamode.

Diamond Cards: 5 standup targets on the right of the lower playfield. Shoot for the flashing card. Cards score 250,000 points when lit, otherwise 50,000 points.

Gun: Popper in the center of the lower playfield to the upper playfield. Scores the ace of clubs, and collects a chip when lit. Also lights READY-AIM-FIRE (in that order). If fire is already it, then it fires the backbox gun (see below).


Slingshot: Located on the bottom left of the playfield. Acts as a second upper flipper.

Spade Cards: 4 standup targets on the upper left playfield. The ace of spades is the center drop shot to the lower playfield (see Jail shot above). Shoot for the flashing card. Cards score 250,000 points when lit, otherwise 50,000 points.

Ace of Spades: Scores Special when lit for special. NOTE: Does NOT score special when lit for ace of spades mode!

Upper Loop: Loop from upper left to upper right. Scores 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Mil for consecutive loops. Also lights Joker for a timed period. During Megamode, it spots a spade.

Joker: Upper lock hole. Awards skill shot. Awards Mystery award when lit (yellow light), and Megamode when lit (blue light). In Megamode, the Joker awards Super Jackpot when lit (red light).

Chip Lanes: 4 top inlanes. Awards skill shot when flashing, and lighting all chips awards Advance Bonus Multiplier or 5 Million if multiplier is already 10 times, and lites the Joker (yellow light, see above).

Rebound switch: Located to the right of the chip lanes. Awards 20,000 points.

Pop Bumpers: 2 located below the chip lanes. Scores 50,000 points.

Flipper: 1 flipper on the right.


Backbox Cards: A grid of all of the backbox cards. Light cards by completing S-P-O-T, joker skill shot, or by firing the gun (see below).


Shoot for flashing chip to award advance bonus multiplier or 5 Million if multiplier is already 10 times (also lights that chip).


Shoot for Joker hole to award 5 Mil x Ball in play, and spot a random backbox card.

7 seconds. "Keep your hands on the table!"

??? adds bonus, up to 9,990,000.

Chip lanes and Mystery award advances bonus multiplier up to 10 X. Bonus multiplier is carried over from ball to ball.

Random awards include:

1 Million
5 Million
10 Million
20 Million
Instant Megamode (2 ball)
Superdrop (actually is SuperShot, it's a typo)
Lite Extra Ball
Moving Ace Jackpot (lit ace scores 50 Mil)
Award Bonus
Increase Bonus Multiplier
5x Bonus Multiplier
10x Bonus Multiplier

(There's more, I just can't think of them!)

Complete all 5 hands in order (1 pair, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, full house, royal flush). These are the red card lights on the lower playfield.

Hit card targets needed for current hand (they will be flashing). Then complete hand by shooting a flashing "COMPLETE HAND" shot.

Collect all chips (then shoot Joker) for PISTOL MANIA!

After "COMPLETE HAND" (above), then shoot the gun saucer to collect the chip for winning that hand. This will award the normal gun shot, and will also let you choose a prize with the flippers. Two awards will be displayed, select one by pressing the appropriate flipper button. Possible awards are:

20 Million
Ace of Spades
Black Jack
Shoot Out
Super Shot
Maximum Bonus
Aces Wild
Joker Poker
Royal Loops
Light Extra Ball

(see MODES below)

[aka Multi-Balltm]


Start Megamode by shooting Joker when lit, selecting Megamode after collecting a chip, or from the Mystery Award.

Select Megamode after collecting a chip, then shoot the Joker as the skill shot. The second ball will be locked, and a third ball will be fed to the plunger lane.

MEGAMODE (3 ball):
When in 2 ball Megamode, shoot Joker to lock one ball, then shoot the gun to lock the second ball. A third ball will be placed in the plunger lane.

Scoring is double in 3 ball Megamode!

Generic MEGAMODE Rules: (Applies to all MEGAMODEs)
Shoot for flashing card. One card on each deck will be flashing. Each deck starts out with the 10 flashing, and proceeds to light Jack, Queen, King, and finally Ace. You can collect the card by hitting the standup target, or by shooting the "Collect <suite> Card" shots that are lit. The upper loop will spot a Spade. When you collect the ace of any suite, it will award you the Jackpot! Jackpot scores are: 10 Mil plus 5 Mil for each "Collect Card" shot hit for that suite.

After you collect ALL of the cards, shoot Joker for Super Jackpot of 100 Mil!

Most (all?) modes are timed, but there is no timer. You know when a mode is going to end, by hearing the ticking sound. When you hear the horse sound, the mode is over. All points scored for mode features are added to the players score at the end of the round.

Shoot pop bumpers for 1 Mil. Total score for this mode is 5 Mil plus 1 Mil. for each pop bumper hit.

Shoot Ace of Spades. This is a count-up mode! Starts out at 5 Mil, then goes up to 10, 25, 50, and finally 100 Mil.!

Shoot an ace and a Jack, then shoot the Blackjack ramp and score 21 Mil. Repeat until time runs out. Shooting the Joker will give you blackjack, so you just need to shoot the blackjack ramp. Scoring is (???) 5 Mil plus first card is 10 Mil, 2nd card 15 Mil, etc..., plus 21 Mil for Blackjack Ramp (when lit). ie: Shoot an ace and a jack to light blackjack ramp, then shoot blackjack ramp and then time runs out and mode ends will score 5 + 10 + 15 + 21 = 51 Mil.

"Partner, do I haveta shoot yer?" (Notice the awesome stereo sound and speech effects, and the different digital displays during this mode!!!)

All switches score 500,000. Mode score is 5 Mil (?) plus 500,000 for each switch hit.

Shoot the backglass gun, and it will light up a whole column of cards. You score 20 Mil for completing a column of cards, plus awards for any completed rows!

Shoot any ace for 5 Million. Total round score is 5 Million plus 5 Million times number of aces shot.

Shoot anything for 500,000 points. Total round score is 5 Million plus 500,000 time number of switches hit during the round. I think the Joker increases the 500,000 point value.

Shoot for flashing card to spot a card. Shoot for Upper Loop or Club Loop to spot two cards. Joker spots two cards. Scoring is 25 Mil per royal flush (?) plus 5 Mil.

Use either flipper to select a suit from the backbox deck. After an amount of time, the game will begin the READY - AIM - FIRE sequence. Then the backbox gun is lit, and you need to shoot the coin over the column of the card that you want. Shoot the gun at the lit coin by pressing either of the flipper buttons.

This will spot the card under the coin that you shot in the suit you selected.

You score 20 Million for completing a row. Awards for completing a row are as follows plus 20 Million: (Medium is the default)

Backbox Row Awards Rows Completed
Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Extra Easy Light Extra Ball Megamode Light Special Megamode Increase Bonus X Light Extra Ball Megamode 20 Mil
Easy Megamode Light Extra Ball Megamode Light Special Increase Bonus X Light Extra Ball Megamode 20 Mil
Medium Megamode Increase Bonus X Light Extra Ball Light Special Megamode Increase Bonus X Light Extra Ball 20 Mil
Hard Increase Bonus X Megamode Light Extra Ball Increase Bonus X Light Special Megamode Light Extra Ball 20 Mil
Extra Hard Increase Bonus X Increase Bonus X Megamode Increase Bonus X Light Extra Ball Increase Bonus X Light Special 20 Mil

TIP: Instead of looking for the lit coin, fire the gun based on the clicks.

After collecting all chips, shoot the Joker for PISTOL MANIA! Lights extra ball (Upper Loop) and special (Ace of Spades). "An' nobody can say anythin'!"

One ball is placed in the plunger lane, and after it is shot out, another ball is placed in the plunger lane. You score 1 Mil for each switch hit! (Ie: Blackjack ramp scores 2 Mil because there is 2 switches on the ramp!) Mode lasts until there is only one ball left.

I believe that some modes (like Ricochet) are started when you start PISTOL MANIA.
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