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Sky Kings (Bally, 1973) VP9

VP9 Bally EM Recreation Sky Kings (Bally, 1973) VP9 v1.2 2020-01-28

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Sky kings 1973 Bally
by druadic

updated for VP9 by druadic. It is a 4:3 screen, Version 1.2 and it has high score save, and the captive ball alleys have been fixed to score properly. For rules info, please read the attached rulesheets provided by me-mike at VP Forums in this ZIP file. Same with the rulecard. Playtesting as usual was done by tiltjlp. The tilt mechanism was used from Bonanza, 1935 Exhibit Supply Company with a few tweaks. It counts up and down depending how fast you nudge the table. The Bally apron was kindly provided by Grizz at VP Forums. The backdrop edge image was used from CompuFox' Dolphin release. The playfield and plastics redraw were by me. This took up most of the time along with redoing a ton of scripting to make Skykings run like a champ. Playtester Note: When you start load the table, youfll see something really sharp, that Ifve never seen before on any VP table. Check it out, and then when youfre ready to play, press 5 to insert a coin and youfll get yet another nifty surprise.
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