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Skyway (Williams, 1954)

Williams EM Recreation FP Skyway (Williams, 1954) v4.00

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by franzleo
at 2015-01-16
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958)
Tradename Williams
Date 1954-02-19
IPD No. 2206

FP Physics 1.0

Making 1 to 8 Rollovers Scores 1 Replay and Lites

all 1 to 8 Rollovers for Replays.

Making 1 to 8 Lites Button to Advance 'SpecialBonusScore'.

Making 1 to 8 Lites Bottom Left and Right

Side Rollovers for 'Special'.

Bonus Score Builds Up and Remains On Until Made.

Ball thru return hole lites button to advance 'Special Bonus' and lites center kickout pocket to collect 'Special Bonus'

Ball in top center area is kicked onto elevated track to advance balls progressively

along kickout pockets on right side of playfield.

Additional balls over elevated track, or thru left bottom rollover, advance balls in kickout pockets on right side until ball in bottom pockets goes thru return hole.



You can change the number of balls to play. In line 92 ba=5 .You can put 6 or 7.
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