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Sorcerer (Williams, 1985) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Sorcerer (Williams, 1985) VP8 v1.3

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Williams 1985
IPD No. 2242

The top rollovers advance the multiplier and feed the 3 pop bumpers. These pop bumpers see a lot of action. Three drop targets to the right of the pop bumpers score 10, 20 or 50 thousand depending on which light is on. The third flipper (a left flipper) is used to hit the drop targets. The middle of the playfield contains 6 standup targets that along with the 2 spinners spell SORCERER. A stainless steel ramp is in the upper left corner. It sends the ball on a rail above the rollovers to the right side multiball lock. There is a spinner on each side of the playfield. One is fed by (or feeds) the plunger lane and the other has a little tunnel behind it that feeds the ball toward the pop bumpers. The slingshots and flippers are pretty standard.

Scoring is evenly split around the playfield with no one feature awarding a lot of points. You have to keep the ball in play a long time to score in the millions. The game has good sound effects and a neat voice for the Sorcerer. The 2 ball multiball is pretty straight forward. The first ball up the ramp is locked, the second starts multiball. It's harder than it sounds. Hitting the ramp during multiball advances the multiplier. Spelling SORCERER lights the spinners and then the special. The game has a bell that rings when you earn an extra ball, it sounds like an old fire alarm and is quite a surprise when you are not expecting it.
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