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Spectrum (Bally, 1982) VP9

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Spectrum (Bally, 1982) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Spectrum (Bally, 1982) VP9
by jpsalas
IPD No. 2274

VP8: Thanks to Phoenixx1771 for the original pictures, play test the table, fixes and adjustments.
This is the VP9 version.
Thanks also to Inkochnito for the dip swith sub and instructions cards.


PLAYER'S COLOR MATCH - Dropping colored targets when lit or flashing, or ball in saucer when flashing, lites corresponding color in Computer color column.

COMPUTOR'S COLOR SELECTION - Ball in outhole scores bonus points for each flashing or lit lite. Matching color - lite flashes; not matching color - lite remains lit.

SPECTRUM STARS - One star awarded for 4 flashing colors in same column. 100,000 points for each lit star at end of game.

Right SPECIAL lane lites when 2 stars are made. Left SPECIAL lane - 3 stars.

COMPUTOR'S CLUES - Spinners change side saucer colors. Ball in any saucer when color is matched will flash corresponding target and saucer lites; mismatch will turn off that color by targets and saucers.

BONUS MULTIPLIERS - Advanced by making 4 center rollovers.

Ball thru Special Curve in proper direction lites 1 Spectral Curve lite.

1 EXTRA BALL: For 3 flashing yellow lites in same column or when 4 Spectral Curve lites are lit.

3 EXTRA BALLS: For 4 flashing yellow lites in same column.

1 REPLAY: For 3 flashing red lites in same column.

3 REPLAYS: For 4 flashing red lites in same column.

TILT PENALTY - Ball in play.
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Better than the VP8 version, a very dynamic and fun table.
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