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Star Trip (Game Plan, 1979) VP9

VP9 Game Plan SS Recreation Star Trip (Game Plan, 1979) VP9 v2.1 [16-9] 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Destruk, TAB, Skalar
Game Plan 1979
IPD No. 3605

The rollovers at the top and either side of center on the playfield increment the score by 1000 points and advance the bonus by 1000 points. Spinner lane rollover lites spinner. The spinner scores 100 or 1000 when lit. The left and right thumpers score 100 points. The upper, left, and right slingshots score 10 points. Kickout hole collects bonus and scores 5000 points. Drop targets score 1000 each plus 10,000 points for dropping all three. Dropping targets each time after scores 5000 each plus 10,000 points for all three. The 'A' lane scores 1,000 and 5,000 points when lit and also lites the Extra Ball in left outlane. The 'B' lane scores 500 and 5000 points when lit. The 'C' lane scores 100 and 1000 points when lit. The 'D' lane scores 50 and 500 when lit and also lites Special in the right outlane. The ball return lanes score 100 and 1000 when lit. Ball return lanes advance bonus 1000 points.

Making features advances bonus multiplier, B and C for 2X, 3 drop targets for 3X, both left ball return lanes for 4X and both right ball return lanes for 5X. You can't get 4X or 5X until you have dropped all three targets once. All bonus for current ball is collected when the ball falls into the outhole. When an extra ball is awarded, it is played immediately following the ball that won it.

Exceeding high score to date awards one credit at the end of the game and the displayed high score to date is automatically updated. Tilting the game results in loss of current ball and the flippers and all playfield features go dead. Slamming the machine results in loss of the game, and the game does into a dealy mode for approximately 15 seconds. The kickout is always active except during this delay. If a ball falls in the kickout hole during the slam delay, it will be kicked out immediately after the delay.

At the end of the game, the game over tune plays and the match number shows in the ball in play/number of players display. The game goes into a game over delay for approximately 5 seconds and then begins alternately flashing last game score and high score to date on the displays.

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