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Star Wars (Data East, 1992) VP8 v1.0
by JPSalas
IPD No. 2358

VPM table based on Star Wars by Data East, 1992.
v1.0 released 20 April 2008

Star Wars Rule Sheet

By: Jerry Duffy
If you see any mistakes, or want to add anything to this rules sheet, please let me know.

People who helped contribute to this sheet are listed at the end.

Star Wars Pinball...Probably copyright 1992 by Data East.. (So is TRI-BALL, I would guess.)

Music by Brian Schmidt..(Totally Cool)

Important Stuff
This section describes locations and shots on the playfield that will be referred to in the discussion.

Pretty obvious. Hitting the ramp is the key to many different awards in the game.

An eject hole located above the left flipper. When lit, it will award the current Force Award. When unlit, it counts as a DARK SIDE shot.

Five yellow targets located in various places on the playfield.

An eject hole located on the right side of the machine above 2 X-Wing Targets. When the white light is lit, this scoop will award Jabbas Bounty.

Besides a giant silver globe that revolves around, the actual Death Star shot is the yellow target underneath the Death Star. This target also opens up as a shot to start Tri-Ball.

A kickback located in the left outlane.

3 ball Multiball...Go figure..:-)

The shot through the right outer loop that will pass through R2-D2 and return to the 4 pop bumpers.

Shot through the pop bumpers that will travel back behind R2-D2 and the Death Star and return (hopefully) to the flippers.

The best name I could think of for this shot. :-) The shot located in between the Death Star shot and the Right Orbit shot. The ball travels to a hole behind the Death Star where it is returned to the left flipper via the habitrail that runs along the left side of the machine. Awards vary depending on what has been lit when you make this shot.

Three drop targets located to the left of the ramp entrance. Knocking these down three times lights the ramp for HyperSpace.

The Rules

When the game begins, you are presented with a 'Skill Shot'. (A video game if you ask me.) Basically, you have to hit the lever button when a Tie- Fighter is in the sights on the display. A successful hit will score a million plus a million per current ball number.

Successful skill shots score:

ball 1 - 2 million
ball 2 - 3 million
ball 3 - 4 million
The key to this is leading the shot a little bit, so you fire the lever right before the fighter enters the sight.

The ramp on SW is almost identical to the ramp on LW3. The extra ball from the ramp will be lit at anywhere from 3 ramps to 99 ramps, depending on how many games have been played. You will recieve 3 million for 3 ramps, 7 million for 7 ramps, then 14, 21, etc. A unique thing about the SW ramps, is that after a certain number of consecutive shots, the force hole will be lit, or a Force award will be awarded. Also, every shot up the ramp spots a letter in STAR WARS.

Spelling STAR WARS will award 10 million points. You add letters by ramp shots, or left or right orbit shots. Hitting the left inlane rollover lights the orbit shots to award two letters (for a limited time).

Hitting the FORCE hole while the red light above the scoop is lit will award a force award. You have to uncover 4 'mini' awards to light the force hole for the 'super' award. The mini awards are:

Lite Yoda
This will light the C3PO lane for a Yoda award. (Described later).

Lite Special
This will light the SPECIAL target underneath R2D2. Hit the right orbit shot to collect it. (Or start multiball.)

Speeder Mode
This will light the C3PO lane for Speeder Mode. Basically, speeder mode is nothing but a nice animation which at the end awards 10 million points.

Super Laser Kick
This will allow the relaunch to stay lit for the remainder of the current ball. Usually, after the relaunch is used, you must go to great pains to relight it. This is one of the nicer awards.

Will open the Death Star to start Tri-Ball.

3-9 Million
Will award that number of points.

Cantina Mode
A scoring round where every target is worth 250,000 points. You start out at 5 million, and add from there. NOTE: Tilting will forfit any Cantina bonus you have.

Million Pops
Each hit to a pop bumper will score a million points.

X-Wing MultiMillion
A timed round where every yellow X-Wing target is worth 1 million points.

Light Taun-Taun
This will light both outlanes to score 5 million+ points when a ball drains through an outlane.

C3PO Eyes
This will give you a C3PO eyeball. Lighting both eyes will start Runaway R2D2.

Hold Bonus
This will hold your bonus and multiplier over for the next ball.

Wild Card
The only thing I have every gotten from this is the current Sarlacc Pit value (see below).

Max Multipliers
This will set the bonus multiplier to 8X.

The display will show an At-At walker coming towards the Hoth base. Your object is to hit the pop bumpers a total of 20 times in a certain amount of time. Awards 20M.
The 'super' awards:

25 Million
Guess what...

Super Death Star
This will starts a round where the Death Star target starts at 50 million and counts down to 0 in 5 million point increments. Hitting the Death Star awards the current point value.

Super R2D2
The same as Super Death Star, except you must shoot one of orbit shots to collect the points.

Return of the Jedi
Hitting any of the lit red arrows will award 10 million points. These shots include the two orbit shots and the Force hole.

The Empire
Hitting the ramp 4 times will award 30 million.
Hitting the Force hole while it is unlit will award a Dark Side shot (and the sound of Darth Vader breathing down your neck. Four Dark Side shots will award 25 million. This can be collected multiple times per ball and per game.

The Sarlacc Pit will award the current Sarlacc Pit value. This value is increased when the ball hits the pop bumpers. (The value initially starts at 500,000.) Hitting the left inlane rollover will light the Sarlacc Pit for Jabbas Bounty (for a limited time.) This will give you various smaller awards such as 1,2,3 million, advance multiplier, hold bonus, etc.

"Choose wisely, you must." Yoda is lit by getting it as a Force award, or it will sometimes light after multiple shots up the ramp. To collect Yoda, you must shoot it into the C3PO eye lane. After a short intro, you will be presented with a choice of two "random" awards, selected by hitting the left or right flipper. These awards range from Super Death Star, spelling STARWARS, Special and 20 million. The machine I sometimes play has a VERY bad habit of presenting a Special as one of the awards, then not awarding when you hit the correct flipper..So be warned.

Speeder Mode is lit by collecting it as a Force award, or by hitting all 5 X-Wing targets. Collect it by hitting it up the C3PO Eye lane for 10 million.

After collecting a Force award, you must relight it to collect another one. This can be done by hitting thr C3PO eye lane, or sometimes with multiple shots up the ramp. You will hear "Use the force, Luke." when it is relit.

Knocking down the hyperspace drop targets three times will light the ramp for hyperspace. Its worth 10 million. This is also how you increase your bonus X. Initially lighting the ramp for hyperspace will advance the multiplier to 2X. Then, up until you hit the ramp to collect the 10 million, every time you knock the bank of drop targets down, the multiplier will be increased up to a max of 8X. Hyperspace can be lit unlimited times in a game (as far as I know).

After lighting both of C3PO's eyes, you will begin R2D2 runaway. This is a countdown shot from 15 million. To collect, hit the right orbit shot. This can be restarted multiple times during a game.

Below the Death Start, there 8 pictures of the Yaven Moon, each of various colors. You will initially start with one moon lit. To advance to the next moon, you must hit the Death Star. After the 8th hit, the yellow Death Star will open. Hitting a ball into the Death Star will start multiball. Two balls will be plunged from the auto-plunger, and one will be returned via the left habitrail. To light the ramp for the Jackpot, you must again hit the Death Star. After the Death Star is hit, the jackpot light will begin flashing above the ramp. Each hit after this initial hit will add 1 million to the jackpot. (Your first jackpot starts at 10 million.) Hitting the ramp will collect the jackpot. "Bravo!"
Now, the Death Star will once again open, this time for the Double jackpot. You have a limited number of seconds to hit a ball into the Death Star. Doing so before time runs out will reward you with a double jackpot, and some decent animation of the Death Star exploding.

"Great shot kid, that was one in a million!"

You can now start the process all over again, except this time, you will need 2 hits to the death star to light the ramp for jackpot. Repeat until 2 of 3 balls drain.

NOTE: If you drain 2 balls before collecting a jackpot, you will have about 10 seconds to get a Tri-ball restart. Simply hit the Death Star to restart. Also, if the Death Star is open for double jackpot, and you drain 2/3 balls, you will still have until your time expires to collect it.

TRI-BALL PART II (or 'How to start it a little earlier than normal') It is possible to open the Death Star before all the moons are lit. When the 5th Yaven moon is lit, push the plunger/lever DOWN and press the lever button. This will cause the Death Star to open for a limited amount of time, plus award you with 5 million points. You will have about 8 seconds to start multiball doing it this way, versus unlimited time by hitting the Death Star 7 times.

If you aren't paying attention to the moons that are lit, or if thy are burned out, simple listen for "Death Star approaching." When you hear this, you know that you can open the Death Star.

NOTE:If you open the Death Star early, and do not hit it, you start over at the first moon!

After hearing the satisfying THWACK of winning a replay, shooting either orbit shot will award you with 25 million points. You have a limited amount of time to do this.

If you are lucky enough to light the extra ball, collect it with a shot to the C3PO lane.
Hitting all three drop targets within a very short time of each other will award 1 million points.

A COMBO SHOT can be collected by hitting a ramp shot, then after the ball is returned to the right flipper, hitting the left orbit shot.

Storm Trooper Shoot-Out:
Like the LW3 shootout. You must take your hands off the flippers and press the lever button to waste the Storm Troopers. Awards 4M.

Here are some general things I have picked up playing the game....

SW is very easy to death save on. The faster the ball goes down the right outlane, the better.

Remember that you can hit the ramp with either flipper. And the ramp is the is THE shot on Starwars..Awards millions, spots letters in STARWARS, awards things from the force scoop, scores hyperspace, Empire, Jackpots, etc.

If you have heard "Death Star approaching", and you drain, push down and press the lever button quickly to collect your 5 million points. I would imagine that most SW will open the Death Star for tri-ball on the 3rd ball anyway, so get the points!

The extra ball skill shot: You have to listen to the sound of the tie- fighter to know when to shoot. Usually firing the ball right before the WHOOSH sound is the loudest will give you some success.

On the second and third balls, you can very easily hit the skill shot by simply hitting the button before a ball is released to be launched. You should hit the tie-fighter as soon as the skill shot screen appears.

Relighting the kickback: A very hot thread recently on rgp. The general rule is to hit the drop targets, then make an orbit shot. The only problem is that sometimes it takes 1 orbit shot, other times it may take more, so good luck. The best thing to hope for is the Super Laser Kick as a force award. If the picture of the spaceship in between the pop bumpers is flashing, the next orbit shot will relight the kickback.

"Use the force, Luke." :-)
People who helped in the writing of this rules sheet, by pointing out mistakes and suggesting new things to add:

Deena Newman
Jen Burch
Kevin Martin
Robert Deloura
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