Star Wars (Sonic, 1987) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Star Wars (Sonic, 1987) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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by Destruk/TAB/Joxer/Gaston/Inkochnito
IPD No. 4513

"THE WAR OF STARS" - loosely translated

* You have to destroy the enemy space ships while targets lite intermittently "STAR WARS", the top passages, Fire Laser or Cyclotron.

* The Cyclotron completes the destruction of the enemy's space ships, if they haven't been destroyed during the attack.

* Targets A, B, and C, activate the Cyclotrone and increase Bonus X.

* The upper loop activates the Fire Laser.

* Extra Ball can be obtained passing ball thru upper loop after making S-T-A-R targets twice.

* Fire Laser target special is obtained, making W-A-R-S 4 times during one ball play.

* Special free play on side rollovers once the enemy's space ships have been destroyed twice.
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