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Superman Vs Ali (Original) VP9

VP9 Stern SS Original Table Superman Vs Ali (Original) VP9 v2010 WS MOD 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Superman Vs Ali (Original) VP9 v2010 WS MOD
Ali Table created by JPSalas
Graphic Mod by Bob5453
IPD No. 43

Thanks to JP for allowing this mod, everything is his work, except for me adding Superman to the table. Artwork from the one shot Superman Vs Muhammad Ali comic blended in with the Ali table.

ALI rulesheet.

* Insert coins for credit ANYTIME game is on.
Press credit button to start game.
* Pop Bumpers score 100.
* Spotting A-L-I increases Center-Top Eject Pocket Value.
* Spotting A-L-I & G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T lites top turnaround for EXTRA BALL.
*Top Drop Targets down advance multiplier.
2nd time down lites 2X 3rd time down lites 3X
4th time down lites 4X 5th time down lites 5X
* Spotting ALI & GREATEST twice lites SPECIAL.
* Side Drop Targets advance side stars & score as indicated.
* Side Eject Pocket collects bonus and any lit multiplier.
* Making EXTRA BALL Turnaround when lit lites SHOOT AGAIN.
* Maximum 1 Extra Ball per ball in play.
* Outhole collects all bonus and any lit multiplier.
* SPECIAL Score 1 Replay.
* Tilt disqualifies ball in play only.
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