Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996) VP9 v3.0

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Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams, 1996) VP9 v3.0
by jpsalas
IPD No. 3824

Based on the Williams table from 1996.

To view the DMD:
-Find the DMD_Ramp and set its Top_height to 430.
- Find the wall called "Elevation" and set its Top height to 500.

Version History:
3.0 Updated 25 August 2010
- New lamp
- Changed some graphics and some settings
- changed the default view.

2.1 Updated 29 Jan 2010

Thanks to jimbot for pointing some bugs and for sending me some improvements in the script for the lamp.

- new lamp collision sub (thanks to jimbot)
- fixed a light not turning on.
- fixed a trigger on a ramp not working
- fixed the right ramp, a slow ball could get stuck there
- added the double captive balls
- added some new gi lights
- added the ball in the magnet

2.0 Updated 4 October 2009
- new transparent ramps
. new rails
- new backdrop
- new graphics
- completely angle independent

1.1 Updated 19 July 2009
- new Genie, thanks to kingb33 for the picture.
- new nudge and graphics
- new fading lights

1.0 Released 1 june 2009
Tales Of The Arabian Nights

The pinball design "Tales of the Arabian Nights" - is copyright 1996 by Williams Electronics Games, Inc.
John Popadiuk's latest creation... the man behind World Cup Soccer and Theatre of Magic... there are similarities between the pins, such as the outlane-drain save for example. In Arabian Nights the save is done by spikes shooting out through the playfield. Present is also a vertical magnet, described by Williams as a industries first, and it probably is (correct me if I'm wrong). A big spinning lamp is also present in the middle of the playfield.

The game is more or less an adaptation of The Thousand and One Nights. The objective is to collect the 7 Jewels of a Scimitar (a sword), battle the Genie to rescue the princess of your dreams... *think I've seen that movie before :-) *. The game is fairly simple and easy to learn rules. Low scores, the higest award is as low as 20 million (rescue the princess award).


Creative Team
Design: John Popadiuk, Jr.
Software: Louis Koziarz
Artwork: Pat McMahon
Mechanical Engineering: Jack Skalon, Ernie Pizarro, Joe Loveday
Sound and Music: Dr. Dave Zabriskie
Dot Matrix Animation: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris


The Playfield Layout (Clockwise from center drain)
Left flipper - An ordinary Williams flipper... flips the lit tale when pushed.
Left slingshot - Just an ordinary slingshot.
Left inlane - With a shooting star ball saver feature (spikes rising up to catch the ball), lights the right tiger loop.
Left outlane - With a rollover which awards 'Special' when lit.
Three red standups - used in some of the tales and to light the left shooting star ball saver.
Left tiger loop/harem loop - a diverter placed in the beginning of the loop decides which way the ball will take... either orbit out the left tiger loop if tiger loop is lit or out through the jet bumpers when harem is lit. The loop spells a HAREM letter when harem is lit. Advances tiger loops with 1 loop when tiger loop is lit. It is also used to lock the first two balls when lock is lit.
Saucer - Just below the Captive ball, used to advance one step towards fireball mode and to advance the fireball award by 200.000.
Left captive ball (left orb) - Used in the Cyclops tale and as a bonus multiplier when 'orbs adv. x' is lit.
Yellow standup target - Spells bazaar.
Flying carpet ramp - Used for collecting a jewel, start fireball mode, advance towards fireball mode and in a few tales. If fireball is lit a diverter is used to divert the ball towards the vertical magnet (not always). This is the only ramp in the game. If you shoot the ramp two consecutive times during normal gameplay (i.e no modes enabled), if you shoot the ramp and get the ball back the left return lane and shoot the ramp again, a diverter will force the ball to take the right return lane.
Vertical magnet diverter - Used in the fireball sequence... it's a industry first (at least according to Bally/Williams). Traps the ball to start fireball mode when lit, drops ball in the right inlane via a left to right habitrail.
Multiball lock magnet - Used in multiball to lock the third ball to start the multiball, to start a tale and to start the 'rescue the princess' mode. When the last
Genie - A big guy with glowing eyes, located in the middle of the playfield , spells a genie letter when hit, scores jackpot and scores fireball countdown value. Spell Genie to light lock.
Yellow standup - Spells bazaar and acts as genie.
Three red standups - Used in some tales.
Harem hole - Used to start Harem multiball and acts as a Harem sneak-in.
Jet bumpers - Advances Harem Jackpot and used in the rocs tale,
Ball lock magnet - Captures the ball when lock is lit and drops it down to the lock saucer. It is also used to award extra ball when lit
Lock passage - Used to guide the ball from the ball lock magnet to the lock saucer, the passage is also used as a secret ball lock if accesed via either of the tiger loops if lock isn't lit
Lock saucer - Locks ball when lock is lit, scores Harem bonus when lock isn't lit providing it is accesed via the lock saucer passage.
Lock loop - The passage just between the bazaar and the lightning lamp, the first lock can be accessed thru the loop.
Lightning lamp - The big lamp in the middle. it rests on two round pillars just to make it easier to spin, imagine how to spin the lamp with just one round pillar. If you hit the lamp, hopefully the lamp will start spinning. If you manage to spin the lamp 15 times (don't know if it has to be a full 360 degree spin), Lightning lamp is started and make a wish is also lit. Each spin are recorded as a triangle light (starting from the flippers and going up to the lamp). If you manage to get 15 spins the 15 light will be lit (to the left of the lamp), if you do 30 spins the 30 light and if you get 60 the 60 light. These lights are added up to the acctual number of spins (15+60=75) you have gotten so far. You get 10.000 per spin in EOB bonus, which can be quite high. After EOB your 'one spin lights' gets unlit but the 15,30 and 60 lights are still lit (if you have any). With this system only 120 (60+30+15+15) spins can be lit at once. I don't know what happens after 120 spins.
Bazaar - Bazaar award when lit, awards 'Make a Wish' when lit.
Yellow standup target - Advances Bazaar.
Right tiger loop - locks balls when lit, advances tiger loop when lit, used also in some tales and awards extra ball when lit.
Right Captive ball (right orb) - Used to enable the right shooting star ball saver, advances bonus multiplier when 'orbs adv. x' is lit.
Bumper return lane - As it sounds, just a return lane, no score.
Right outlane - With a rollover which awards 'Special' when lit.
Right inlane - With right shooting star ball saver above it.
Right slingshot - An ordinary slingshot.
Right flipper - Flips tales when lit.
Plunger - A manual plunger, like in ToM and WCS.


Skill Shots
The skill shot is more or less like the skill shot in World Cup Soccer. The goal is to shoot the ball in the hole which is shown on the display. (See this picture) If succesful the super skill shot is enabled and can be collected by shooting the ball up the Magic carpet ramp (it is not nessesary to shoot the whole ramp just so the switch at the bottom of the ramp is activated). The skill shot award is advanced by 25.000 with every skill shot made starting at 75.000. Super skillshot is advanced by 50.000 with every super skill shot made starting at 125.000.


Tales of arabian Nights
There are seven tales in the game which is all represented by a jewel that can be collected by shooting the golden symbols. The golden symbols are (left to right): lower red standups, left tiger loop, magic carpet ramp, upper red standups, right tiger loop. Sometimes only one shoot is enough to light the magic carpet ramp, but not always, the only tale that doesn't require a golden symbol is the tale of the orcs. Tales are started by hitting the genie when the 'princess in the bottle' light is lit (just below the multiball lock magnet). The jewels are collected via the magic carpet ramp when magic carpet is lit. When all seven Jewels are collected the 'save the princess' mode is started. The tales are:
Sinbad and the Rocs - Shoot the jet bumpers to kill some rocs and advance your bonus. Only one roc is required to light the magic carpet ramp.
Ali-Baba - Shoot the red standups to spell SESAME and escape from the cave. All letters must be spelled in order to light the magic carpet ramp.
Flying horse - Find the missing jewel by shooting the golden symbols, all golden symbols are lit. The jewel must be found to light the magic carpet ramp.
Schehrazade - Shoot as many golden symbols as possible to tell tales and build your jewel value. All golden symbols are lit and can be accessed several times for building the jewel value. Only one golden symbol is required to collect the 'Jewel of Schehrazade'.
Camel race - Shoot golden symbols to advacne your camel to first place. Only when you are in first place you can collect the 'Jewel of the desert'.
The forty thieves - Shoot the Magic carpet ramp to escape from the thievs and light the magic carpet to collect the jewel.
Cyclops - Shoot the orbs to hit the evil cyclops. Only one hit is required to light the magic carpet and collect the 'Jewel of the Orcs'.


Rescue the Princess
When all seven tales are completed the rescue the princess mode are enabled. To start this shoot the genie. The ball will stick to the magnet and be drawn down through the playfield (just like when multiball is started). A dot matrix animation will start where the genie places out some skeletons to prevent you to get to the princess. The objective is to kill (?) the skeletons by shooting the lit golden symbols. The genie seems to send out a sertain number of skeleton at you (don't know how many). The last skeleton to kill is allways the tiger loop (so the ball can be captured. When all the skeleton are all killed, the genie battle begins.


Battle the genie
You are given limitless balls and time to battle the genie. The bout will last until one of you is victorious. The objective is to get the bottle containing the princess over to you by hitting the golden symbols. It seems that the way to do this is to never have a ball in the plunger (i.e. when a ball drains, shoot it quickly). When one of you win (the genie or you), the flippers short out and the balls drain. Whether you win or lose the outlane special rollovers are lit. If you lose the game starts over and you must collect the seven jewels again to get a chance to save the princess another time. If you win you get the princess of your dreams and you fly of into the sunset of a flying carpet while you are being awarded 20.000.000 points. After that the game starts over and you get to win over the genie all over again (if you can).


The Bazaar
Shoot the yellow standups to spell BAZAAR, shoot the bazaar hole when bazaar is spelled to visit Marvin the haggler and to collect bazaar award. Awards are: light extra ball, extra ball, 500.000 points, 250.000 points, light make a wish, a new COW (1.000.000 points), light shooting stars, lightning lamp, 15 lamp spins.


Make a wish
To light Make a wish either the lamp must be spun at least 15 times or you must be awarded make a wish in the bazaar. When make a wish is lit access it through the bazaar hole. Make a wish lets you choose between collecting one or two jewels or one of the following: Collect bonus, 3 tiger loops, ligtning lamp, 3x fireball value (if fireball countdown is in progress). If all jewels are collected you get to choose to rescue the princess. You can have a maximum of three wishes accumulated (shown just above the left slingshot). When rescue the princess starts make a wish unlits (even if you have wishes left) and wont light up again until after the genie battle. If the princess ruby is lit (enabeled by lighting the two shooting stars while make wish is lit) shown between the slingshots. Once enabled a voice will say 'my ruby is yours' and if you get make a wish you get a chance to collect two jewels.


To enable the fireball mode, shoot the magic carpet ramp or captive ball saucer. Each shoot awards 200.000 points more to the fireball countdown value. First fireball requires two shots, the second three shots and so on. Once the fireball has been enabled, fireball becomes lit (just above the magic carpet light). Shoot the ramp to start the fireball. A countdown value is then started to collect shoot the genie (i.e hurl the fireball back). If you during this time shoot either the ramp or the saucer, the countdown value will increase with 200.000. During the fireball jewles cannot be collected neither is it possible to continue to collect the golden symbols.


Lightning lamp


Harem Multiball
If nothing else is enabled the bumpers add to the Harem jackpot. If Harem is lit in the left tiger loop one letter in Harem is spelled. When HAREM is spelled, the ball gets caught in the harem hole, and you get to shoot the ball from the plunger. once that ball gets into play the caught ball launches out of the bazaar hole and a two ball multiball is started. Like the ordinary multiball there is no ball save. Jackpot is scored on pretty much everything. Also if you get harem-sneak-in 3 times the harem multiball will start.


Instruction Card
Object: Collect the 7 jewels of the Arabian Nights to Rescue the Princess.
SKILL SHOT: Fly the ball into play. HIT the snake to win Skill shot.
MULTIBALLTM: Spell GENIE to light LOCKS. Hit the GENIE when lit to start Multiball.
JACKPOT: During Multiball, hit the Genie to score Jackpot. Shoot the lit Tiger Loop to relight Jackpot.
LAMP: Spin the Lamp: to score Bonus, light Wish, and score Lightning Value when lit.
JEWELS: Complete lit Golden Symbols then shoot Magic Carpet to collect Jewel.
BAZAAR: Advance Bazaar letters. Orbs add Bonus X Value when lit.
EXTRA BALL: Shoot the Right Passageway to score EXTRA BALL when lit.
GENIE BATTLE: Strike the Genie when all 7 Jewels are collected to begin Genie Battle

Tales of the Arabian Nights captures the mystery, suspense, and excitement of The Thousand and One Nights and creates a game that will dazzle novice as well as expert players alike.
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