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  1. romolo2002

    Flipperless Criss Cross Pop-Up (Chicago Coin 1964)

    romolo2002 submitted a new resource: Criss Cross Pop-Up (Chicago Coin 1964) - Bouncing Ball Action!. Read more about this resource...
  2. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Criss Cross Pop-Up (Chicago Coin 1964) 2021-09-19

    Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Criss Cross Pop-Up (Chicago Coin 1964)" Not A Pinball. Criss Cross Pop-Up / IPD No. 4760 / December, 1964 / 1 Player This table is free to be edited/modded/published.
  3. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Festival (Chicago Coin, 1967) VP9.95 v1.0 2021-05-17

    Festival (Chicago Coin, 1967) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Festival (Chicago Coin 1967)". Festival / IPD No. 833 / January, 1967 / 4 Players This table is free to be edited/modded/published.
  4. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Gin (Chicago Coin, 1974) VP9.95 v1.0 2021-01-11

    Gin (Chicago Coin, 1974) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Gin (Chicago Coin 1974)". Gin / IPD No. 1005 / November 15, 1974 / 1 Player
  5. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Flipperless Recreation Bulls-Eye Drop Ball (Chicago Coin, 1960) VP9.95 v1.0 2020-12-04

    Bulls-Eye Drop Ball (Chicago Coin, 1960) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Bulls-Eye Drop Ball (Chicago Coin 1960)" Bulls-Eye Drop Ball (Upright Model) / IPD No. 5976 / 1 Player
  6. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Thrill (Chicago Coin, 1948) VP9.95 v1.0 2020-11-27

    Thrill (Chicago Coin, 1948) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Thrill (Chicago Coin 1948)" Thrill / IPD No. 2551 / September 01, 1948 / 1 Player
  7. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Astronaut (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP9.95 v1.0

    Astronaut (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP9.95 v1.0 Recreation in Vp 9.9.5 of "Astronaut (Chicago Coin 1969)Vp995" Astronaut / IPD No. 101 / June 09, 1969 / 2 Players
  8. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Flipperless Recreation Buckaroo (Chicago Coin, 1939) VP9.12 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Recreation in VP912 of "Buckaroo (Chicago Coin 1939)" made by Romolo IPD No. 394
  9. D

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Pirate Gold (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP9.21 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Pirate Gold DS (Chicago Coin 1969) by DavidSSS IPD No. 1804
  10. E

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Moon Shot (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP8 v1Player 2020-01-28

    Moon Shot (Chicago Coin 1969) VP8 v1Player by eduguitar1972 IPD No. 1628
  11. pbecker1946

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Bronco (Chicago Coin, 1964) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    New VP8 Build of 1964 Chicago Coin game Bronco with a focus on game play. IPD No. 387 NOTE: We previously showed a date for this game of November, 1963. Chicago Coin announced this game in The Billboard, May-30-1964, page 45.
  12. romolo2002

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Bronco (Chicago Coin, 1964) VP9.12 v1.1 2020-01-28

    Bronco (Chicago Coin 1964) VP9.12 v1.1 by Romolo IPD No. 387
  13. pbecker1946

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Bronco (Chicago Coin, 1964) VP9.2 v1.0

    Bronco (Chicago Coin 1964) VP9.2 IPD No. 387 New VP9.2 Build of 1964 Chicago Coin game Bronco with a focus on game play.
  14. D

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Pirate Gold (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP8 v1.0

    Pirate Gold Chicago coin 1969 By DavidSSS IPD No. 1804
  15. E

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Action (Chicago Coin, 1969) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    by eduguitar1972 IPD No. 15 A very very easy pinball from Chicago coin, four targets and get extra ball!!!!
  16. C

    VP9 Chicago Coin EM Recreation Dolphin (Chicago Coin, 1974) VP9 v1.0

    Dolphin VP9 Chicago Coin by CompuFox IPD No. 699 Notes: The 4-player version of this game is Chicago Coin's 1974 'Showtime'.
  17. R

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Flipperless Recreation All American (Chicago Coin, 1940) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    All_American 1940 Chicago Coin Machine Mfg. Co. By Redswal IPD No. 51
  18. obx001

    VP8 Chicago Coin Flipperless Recreation Midget Skee Ball (Chicago Coin, 1949) VP8 v1.2.1

    Midget_Skee_Ball(Chicago_Coin_1949)V1.2.1 by obx001
  19. obx001

    VP8 Chicago Coin EM Flipperless Pitch and Bat Recreation Big League (Chicago Coin, 1965) VP8 v3.0

    by obx001 IPD No. 261 Note from Xenonph: This table needs to be played using VP6. The display is messed up when using VP8. Find VP6.exe here.. If you have display problems with...
  20. patrick

    Chicago Coin EM Flipperless Recreation Tit For Tat (Chicago Coin, 1935) v2.0 2020-01-28

    Tit for Tat - 1935 Chicago coins - IPD 2572 - By Patrick. Perhaps an ancestor of XO. Updated to V2. Tit For Tat / IPD No. 2572 / July 01, 1935 / 1 Player Average Fun Rating: No ratings on file [ Be first to rate this game! ] Manufacturer: Chicago Coin Machine Manufacturing Company...
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