lol... how could this thread possibly still be alive?

PD, you sure let people pull your strings way too easily.

if you can't differentiate between a genuinely decent human being like bob and a total buttfuck like shockman, then you are way too upset and need to calm down IMO.
nicolas.b said:
lol... how could this thread possibly still be alive?

PD, you sure let people pull your strings way too easily.

Yes, I was yankin' his chain, but I had him for awhile :lol: He was really pissed... :lol: then he regained control (of Himself) and the fun soon fizzled, but for awhile..... He was my PacToy. 8)
nicolas.b, I expected you to chime in sooner, with your righteous holier than thou attitude. But you are just the save. You are also a thief and a liar, and cheat at every possible opportunity you get. You will lie to me and tell me that you are focusing on the positive, and lie that If I could get the site owner to reverse my ban that you would not stand in the way of his giving back what you stoled from me, and cheat when I call your bluff. You are at lease as low a life as PacDude is. You enjoy pulling strings more than anyone I have ever met and throw out all that is right in favor of what is wrong more that anyone I have ever heard of or read about. You are the worst person I know, and i know there are some very bad, and sick people out there. You call me a buttfuck, because you fucked me in the ass and enjoyed it so much that you came back for more again and again, with your pal Peter. I'm not calling you names, I'm telling you what I think about you and what everyone that cares about people would think about your kind.
C'mon Shocky gimme us more of those big words.....you know......F**k...f**kin'....f**k ....f**k......I just love it when you get all articulate......!

Gansta rappin' bitch ass slammin' dude...... :)

PS: At least you can now spell "liar" and "liars" correctly...sigh...
gimme us?

fuck fuckin fuck fuck

If Shockman isn't happy now, he'll never be happy....

3.25 VBS has been released with the fast downspeed restored. All records of who suggested what have been removed from the files.

A new flipper routine has been added (vpmSolFlip2) as an option in which you can specify flipper up and down speeds and whether or not to make the flipper sounds. This will let authors decide to use whatever values they want in their tables and be future proofed against a REAL VP source code BTTF physics fix (since you can change your own values easily at any time)

It's been released at VPF.
an unnamed whiner.
credit to no one if not you.

This is suppose to make me happy?
Why did you change anything at all?
To change history? That's what you did when argued that you should have the credit. Do you no longer feel that you should have credit for my idea that was put into the core? Do you still think I should not have credit for what was put into the core? .137? unnamed whiner? Fuck you PacDude. that unnamed whiner is the person that gave us all the possibility to not have balls through the fucking flippers.

New options? If you weren't a stupid, coveting fucker, you would know that the speeds can already be set in the script and would work and would over-ride the core.vbs settings.

You are something else PacDude. A man, a fucking weasel of a man would be to uncomfortable to have changed the fucking number a big .002 and fight to have his name on my idea, my contribution, my fix, and take it from everyone if I would not shut up about it. But you are no man, not even a sorry excuse for one, you still inject your change to it that made you feel you should have my credit, and now you feel that taking your credit out should make me happy? You never butting in would have made me happy. I should have credit for that, it should not come down to you taking your fucking name off of it being such a great thing that the right thing is unnecessary. It should be .135 or lower and my name on it and you know that, but you still covet it, you still can not do the right thing. Why should I be happy because you took your name off of it when it should have never been on it? It's like a fucking low life scumbag car thief bringing back a car when the owner is too old to drive it and thinking that the man should be happy. Only you could be so fucked up.
Not really. If it was you, you would not be happy about this either, would you?
the problem is, pacdude never should have paid any attention to shockman in the first place.

it's like if i'm walking downtown and a bum asks me for change and it happens that i'm not in the mood to give that day and the bum curses me for ignoring him, am i going to complain for the next three months to everyone i know because some homeless person got mad at me?

if they got mad at me then it's their problem, not mine.

but i'll grant shockman this- he's proven himself to be expert at yanking pacdude's chain.

you know how it is with people who have no life. :)
What kind of analogy is that Nick? I never asked for any 'change'. I simply came up with a fix and a number and PacDude tried to take credit for that. It was not right then and it is not right now. He had absolutely nothing to do with it, and he said to the entire membership that he himself put that in the core and it was he that found that that number would defeat the problem. I'm not yanking any chains either. This would not stand if it was anyone else doing it to anyone else.
I did not take anything away form PacDude, it was the other way around. He said it was him, he made excuses why he should have the credit for my work and there is just no way you will ever convince me that I am out of line to take offense at that.
But coming from someone that has lied to me as much as you have, what else could I expect from you? You are full of hate. I am not. You think if I disagree with you I am out of line. I am not. You think if you have control of me that you are right to use it as you will. You are not. If that's what it is like to have a life, then I'm glad you see me as one that does not.
I gave him exactly what he asked for (didn't he just say in this very thread that he DID *NOT* want any credit???????) and BIG FUCKING SURPRISE, he's still screaming and whining. Well he can whine and scream until he fucking dies for all I care.

Of course, he's angry that it's NOT 0.135 (because 0.02 is supposed to matter even though he said in this very thread it does NOT matter).

And now he's angry that there's an OPTIONAL *new* call because he's fucking stupid and thinks you can already set the downward speed with the old core (you cannot without editing the core itself) whereas here everything is user adjustable. He didn't think of it, though so he's fucking angry.

I didn't credit myself even for the new flipper code (because I don't give a fuck about it), but Shocky is confused that I suddenly don't want credit for the old change even though I've been saying since day 1 I didn't give a shit about what wpcmame wrote, but rather I was saying it was never a 'credit' to begin with. But now it's GONE just like he asked for. And he said he never asked for a credit for himself.

So why is he STILL cussing me out??? It's because like I said, he's fucking INSANE. As in NUTS. CRAZY. Veruckt. A pyschotic nut-job just like I've said all along and now I've proven it beyond all doubt. Despite my wish to not give him what he asked for, I did it anyway. And big fucking surprise, he's still raving on about nothing. Because NOTHING is what he's been raving on about all along. There's literally nothing I could do to shut him up because he's psychotic.

I'll be going now since this site is obviously now clearly ShockWorld and always will be. I'm amazed JPH is willing to go the distance and move to a new site just so Shockman can have a place all his own to whine, scream and throw temper tantrums like the little baby he clearly is. What a fucking WASTE.

Hopefully, some day Jon will wise up and boot this nut case out of here so it can be a proper set of forums again. But I won't hold my breath there either. I think we all need to just put him on permanant ignore.
the thing is (IMO of course), it's not really JPH doing anything out of character at this point.

JPH has shown that he has more liberal intentions than 99.9% of site-owners everywhere. that is, he aims to never ban anyone permanently and to tolerate all manner and shape of folks.

PD- if you gave shockman exactly what he was looking for (as you explain at length) then i'm sorry, but you made a critical mistake. one which you compounded by trying to rectify several times.

the fundamental fact that we've learned about shockman is that he's never happy unless he's causing a problem with someone somewhere. if he can't do it to a whole forums then he'll do it to the next likely targets- top authors. if he wasn't able to irritate you, then it would have been bob or highrise or scapino or somebody else. i guarantee you against my life.

take a clue from your sometimes-critic and sometimes-supporter (me) and just ignore idiots like this. the only thing they can do is to waste your time and trap you into thinking that they are being reasonable.

i will post no more at this time. good luck.
Fuck you shockman, you lying bastard, now anyone can clearly see it's all about you, not the supposed innocent people who didn't know any better that you used as your argument for wanting the core changed. If that was true you should be happy, but now you want to bitch about credit. You're a fucking lying, stupid bastard if you think for one second that your true colors aren't showing. Your true motive this whole time is to get the name shockman in the core .vbs, no matter how much you try and deny it now, it's too fucking late, you've already showed what you are all about and it's plain disgusting. :ncool:
(didn't he just say in this very thread that he DID *NOT* want any credit???????)
Yes, so you were reading it right. But you you kept writing that I was saying that wanted the fix out of the core.

(because 0.02 is supposed to matter even though he said in this very thread it does NOT matter)
Yes, so you were reading it right all along.

But now it's GONE just like he asked for. And he said he never asked for a credit for himself.
Yes, so you were reading it right all along.

I wrote that so you would tell everyone what I was really saying, because I knew you knew what I was saying and you were telling people I was saying something else. Like you are doing now, again. I did not say ever that it could have been used in the old core, I said your new code could be set and has to be set in the SCRIPT anyway.

The important thing here is that no tables need to have balls through the flippers. Credit for it is another matter, it's not important that you guys would keep it from me, the contributer of it, if that's just the way it has to be. nicolas.b would still say it was a mistake to sort this out to the extent that it has been, i think he would hang himself and say goodbye to the cruel world if it was sorted the way it should have actually been.

I am happy that everyone is not going to suffer from balls through the flipper, but don't expect a thank you for that, for none of you had anything to do with that and instead supported the asshole that took it away from everyone so he might make you another table. So thank each other instead, for the new tables.
(all comments regarding flipper speed history removed as a compromise)
A compromise?
' New in 3.24 (Update by PD)
' - (Core Changes)
' - Altered flipper code so the upswing defaults to your downswing (i.e. VBS no longer adds a different value)
' (This change was done so a certain someone of the VP community can shut up about it, despite the fact
' the original code IS by WPCMame and only the speed value was altered and does not use this person's code
' despite his rampant claims). Seeing as WPCmame's code CAUSED the flipper bug to show up so bad in the first
' place (by using really slow down-swing values, the physics bug manifest itself greatly)
That certain someone never said the ORIGINAL code was not by WPCMame, In fact that certain someone only complained because you took credit for it, and argued shit about why it should be there instead of taking the fucking lie out. There was no reason to put that crap in the core.vbs file Pacdude. Some compromise!
Come on, Shockman. Even if there was no credit for PD in previous versions, it's at version 3.25 now and the fix is back in there and the suggestion part is removed anyway. Please shut up now, make peace with others and yourself and become constructive again!
What are you saying yogi? Do you think it's OK for him to write something like that into it. It's a comment and serves no purpose and has no function, and does not even reflect the facts. Let alone the fact that it is a personal and abusive comment. I'll get productive again, that's for sure, but not what you have in mind.

Roms will be added to the Mods now, and a DVD is in the works.

I love how Shockman does obviously wrong things in protest against imaginary ones. He's writing his own Epitaph just like Nicky did. I do think he shall win the award for the most universally despised person in VP History. He'll definitely get credit for THAT. :D

Yogi, he can never be constructive ever again. He's consumed by paranoia, imaginary wrongings and is on his way to thinking he created the world (maybe like Sleepy, he even thinks people are stealing ideas right out of his very brain via telechpathy or whatever he called it. LOL. )

Honestly, I've never seen anyone dig their own grave quite like Shockman does every time.

He's right about one thing, though. It's not really a compromise since Shockman doesn't know how to compromise. It's MY compromise with myself, really in regards to not wanting to change them back versus knowing I should do the right thing by the other people out there whose tables are adversely affected. There is literally nothing in there for Shocky to complain about now, so instead he's inventing things to complain about. He apparently thinks I should not explain the change back to the old setting (or at least it's not the explanation he wants to see, but then if I put that down, I'd be lying).

Now watch as Shockman goes into brain shock again and explodes yet again and again about nothing. I think Nicolas is right. If he didn't have me to whine about, he'd be whining about VPF again or some other retarded thing. I don't think he's happy unless he's ranting about conspiracy theories. He's kind of like Agent Muldur, only without the little grey aliens.
(This change was done so a certain someone of the VP community can shut up about it, despite the fact
' the original code IS by WPCMame

There is just no basis to write something like that PacDude. And no reason. I know the original code was put in by him, and I never said it was not, you did. You know that all I wanted was the credit sorted, that I did not think you deserved mention, because you went to him and obviously made him think that the idea for the fix, and certainly the number was your idea. If you can not see how wrong that is, then take anyone else's word for it. Ask anyone, other that nicolas.b, or Peter, or anyone else that thinks your shit don't even stink.
You know I did not ask for credit, and never had. But you know that the person that comes up with the idea and shares it is the person that does deserve it. There is not reason to say that about me in a file that goes world wide and has no truth to it. A compromise would be for you to give up the credit and leave it at that, but this is worse, you are not spreading lies about yourself, you are spreading, and even authoring lies about me. I think you should not delay at all at getting that hateful shit out of the VPM support files. That is what forums are for and you are free to say anything about me, be it true or not, in the forums.
This is not about nothing, PacDude. This is about the truth. How can you be so comfortable doing this? It's not true.
Shockman said:
What are you saying yogi? Do you think it's OK for him to write something like that into it. It's a comment and serves no purpose and has no function, and does not even reflect the facts. Let alone the fact that it is a personal and abusive comment.

I think it's dispensable. That's all. Nobody is addressed personally. Nobody in the world will ever take notice that it's relating to you apart from a few PN members, who didn't refuse to read all the paranoia. And in a few days or weeks nobody wants to remembers. Most people are happy if they get VP installed at all. Don't think they can or get the idea to open any 'strange' *.vbs file in an editor to read the contained 'code' and text.

Prove that you can accept a compromise like the dispensable comment. It's the best thinkable solution. How could much more important things in the world ever be solved else?

What's the next problem? Please stop your search for it. I start to tend to think you can't be satisfied by anything. You just tried to begin the next with your try to provoke anyone else or the same people with your roms/dvd palaver. I don't comment that any further and I hope that case is closed too.
Dispensable? In what way yogi? Nobody is addressed personally? Surly you don't believe that.

Name something that I have ever bitched about that you would not have bitched about if it had been you.

I'll extent that to all, PacDude, Peter, even nicolas.b. Anyone. Anything I have ever bitched about that you would not have had it been you.
I'll name something. The VBS file bullshit over a credit that is NOT a credit. NO ONE but you would have acted like an angry crybaby over it. NO ONE. I can't even imagine KC acting like you did (and are still doing).

I'll name something else. Whining about being banned from VPF when you DESERVED IT. Everyone knows you deserved it. You deserve to be banned here too (and have been repeatedly), but sadly JPH doesn't seem to believe in permanant bans.

You'd probably attack your own mother for taking credit for giving birth to you, no matter how true that statement is. (e.g. "What did she have to do with it? I'm the one that was born! I'm the one that came out of the womb all on my own? She doesn't deserve credit! Boo hoo!").

Go on Shockman. Cry and whine some more! Prove me right again and again and again about you.
You have bitched about;
The opening of the Argument clinic
that Nic spelled your name 'shockman'
that we used blue print to highlight staff posts
the real number of members who have donated
that the staff of VPF would edit a post where we saw fit
That Nic, StevOz and I are still breathing
that I have 'stolen' something from you

bitch, bitch, bitch
and such minor little things too
nobody else is so petty as to complain about trivial matters as these
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