Big Hit (Exhibit, 1946)

EM Flipperless Recreation FP Big Hit (Exhibit, 1946) v1.0

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Jun 3, 2011
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Thank You for Big Hit @FranciscoPozo, I'd like to see some images for your table.

You should be able to add them with the Edit resource (1st) in the drop down menu, upload a screenshot after the description and again with a icon upload. Let me know if I can help, it's a Big Hit to Me.

I wrote about you in Forum a couple of days ago. There I thanked you very much for the courage and inspiration that those words of yours gave me; regarding the importance and the little value that was given to flipperless pinball, considering that they are the soul,the essence, the spirit which allowed the creation of subsequent modern pinballs.
I agree with you @FranciscoPozo, love the older machines, Thanks for the Tables!

I noticed that you added images in the Overview Tab with the Edit resource Link, thanks, I also uploaded a icon image from there:
"Upload a custom icon:"
The icon images are used to display a image in the category pages like this one:

Another change that will help is to upload the file here at Pinball Nirvana instead of using a external link, this can be done when adding a table or with this link after it's added, Change resource type:

I'll attach a image of where this option is located, from this page select Type: Uploaded files and then Attach files to browse to your file on your computer. This will allow you to easily update the file or add new versions if you need to.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any problems.


Thanks for your help. When I upload a table I start for the easiest for me, that is, VPForums then Pinball Nirvana, PinSimDB.Org and very rarely VPUniverse.
Again, thank you very much for your help to the whole team.
When I started I practically knew how to turn my computer on and off. I have learned a lot.
I noticed that the download link for this one to was pointing to VPF's general download area, the same problem with Captain Kidd the other day.

As a working fix, I went ahead and uploaded the table here to PN. Once again, feel free to alter as you see fit.

Btw, I'm a bit confused why most of your tables have been uploaded here to PN, but here and there some have semi-broken links to VPF. If you need a hand with this stuff (as above), @JonPurpleHaze and @xenonph should be able to answer any Q's. Cheers.
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