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Centaur (Bally, 1981) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Centaur V1.2 (PD) Released v1.2 GOLD

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Centaur V1.2 has been sent to AJ's.

In addition, Centaur V1.2 and Centaur V1.2 Gold Edition have been released here:


1.2 Gold


Changes are mostly graphical in nature (ambience lighting adjusted, etc.), although the optional MP3 song will now start repeating if you manage to keep multiball going until the end of a song.

The Gold Edition has its own registry setting and uses "CentaurSongG.mp3" instead of "CentaurSong.mp3" to play songs, so you can have separate game option settings and different songs assigned to each version of the table.

Both tables contain all the rails and parts for both versions of the table, though so you can mix and match various parts if you want.


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Pinball Wizard
Don't know. Don't care. It's irrelevant seeing as it doesn't matter if it's there or not. It will do the exact same thing either way (i.e. move at 0.137 both directions). I've never used any of your code and as for the idea, well, like I said, my tables will operate the same either way (seeing as I always use a speed of 0.137) so it's entirely irrelevant altogether for my tables. The core, however, is for everyone to use and I removed the code you were so offended by. This should have pleased you giving how you ranted on and on about it being in there. But, of course, you are an asshole troublemaking troll, so you whined about it being removed just like you whined about it being there. You can't be pleased. No wonder every site out there has banned you time and time again.


appropriate at this time
Not about it being there, about a stupid person that at the time was bitching about things that could not be done, while I was getting them done. Higher res plungers, transparent ramps, and balls through the flippers. You did not let me down, I as well can bypass the need for the core script, it like you said, is for everyone else. You are letting down not me, not you, but that group that would rather not have balls through the flipper nor speeds as fast as you use. The stupid ones, as you call them.

Are you really THAT stupid, to think that I wanted the fix out, not the credit to you alone for it? I really can tell any more.


Pinball Wizard
I don't give a shit what you want, Shockman. YOU brought it on yourself asshole! Maybe you'll think about that the next time you tell someone you need to do something for you to fuck off and die! Oh wait! That would be too logical and intelligent. No no no. You'd tell them to fucking die in one breath and ask to borrow $5 in the next one. You're a fucking RETARD.


appropriate at this time
I don't give a shit what you want, Shockman.

Yes you do. What is true is that you don't give a shit about what anyone else wants.

I want to mod your tables. Your saying you don't give a shit.
Thank you.

You or 'Oz would end the conversation here. I don't ever twist anything that someone says around like that, so,

Or are you saying that you don't give a shit about the improvements I have made to VP only?


Pinball Wizard
What I'm saying is you should FUCK OFF and GO AWAY you POS. Is that clear enough English for you?

Or maybe I'll put some credits for myself in the core file for having discovered the flipper fix just to piss you off. Maybe I'll mod your MMPAC table and just put my name on as the ONLY author and have it hosted at your favorite site VPF. Then maybe we'll see how much you like someone fucking with you for a change.

You show ZERO respect for ANYONE so I see no reason why ANYONE should show you ANY respect.


appropriate at this time
Put your fading lights in it if you mod it, OK? It would be a good chance for you to put those Photo maze lights you want too. It's free to mod. Always was, and always will be. I'm sure you will do it justice. I will play it exclusively if I find it to be better.

Just don't put .137 for the flipper speed for either direction, let alone BOTH, you'll fuck it up big time if you do that.
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