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Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 12 - UPDATE

Support File Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 12 - UPDATE 2021-07-22

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NateMac00 submitted a new resource:

Pinball Emporium - Update - Update to the core software

This is an Update ONLY, you will need the core version of Pinball Emporium to use this (Release 10).

Some bug and layout tweaks in this update, the big one though is the added ability for PinEvent Tables & Zaccaria Pinball via Steam.

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Pinball Wizard
NateMac00 updated Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 11 - UPDATE with a new update entry:

Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 12 - UPDATE

We have released a new version of Pinball Emporium R12.

  • ADDED - Updated PinUp Player to 1.4.6
  • ADDED - Shortcut Creation for DofLinx
  • ADDED - directb2s backglass added for FX3 with DofLinx
  • ADDED - DirectOutput R3++ & DofLinx v7.33
  • ADDED - RetroFE Backend updated to 0.10.21
  • ADDED - POV Files for Visual Pinball X Tables (POV files from Rajo Joey)
  • ADDED - Last Played Menu Image
  • ADDED - Updated Future Pinball BAM Installer to v.1.5-337
  • ADDED - Updated Freezy to...

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Isaac Sauvage

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So... the share-aspect of a YT vid is evidently not down to country-code (or syndication issue?), but moreso that... one can only link it to share offsite, as opposed to a classic embed?

In other words, sorta the opposite as 'normal?'

WTH? Is this now standard across XF forums, or...?

Isaac Sauvage

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In quarantine news (just got my 2nd shot), I've been working on my 'stache.

Now I've never been able to grow sidebizzles, but...


You're We're!
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There was a change at Youtube that broke all XF youtube embedded videos yesterday, thanks for the information!

I'll find some time hopefully later today to try and fix this.
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The release works well for everything except Future Pinball for me. I went from R10 to R12 and used the updates.

My problem is that I'm using a 40" 4k Vizio V series as a playfield and an old 1080p Vizio TV for backglass. When I exit the table on FP, the computer freaks out during the transition and everything goes to the backglass. I have to restart it when I'm done. The playfield just goes to the desktop. Weird since every other program transitions back fine.

I have a small workaround, if I turn off both monitors, exit the game, and then turn my monitors back on, it transitions as expected back to the front end.

I've tried turning HDR off and other various picture settings, but still have bad transitions.

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