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Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX)

SS Original Table FizX BAM FP Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX) 1.3

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Solid State Machines
Future Pinball


Pinball Master
TerryRed updated Star Wars: Death Star Assault - GALACTIC EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX) with a new update entry:

1.3 - FizX update, Ball Rolling Sounds update, fixes


- updated FizX physics code to change how ball ID's are handled to prevent conflicts
- updated FizX physics code for more efficient Rubber bounce handling
- updated Ball Rolling Sound code to change how ball ID's are tracked to prevent conflicts
- removed old PUPRollingUpdateTimer commands that are no longer used (would give an error if PinEvent Settings were forced to be disabled)
- added fixes for final shot to destroy Death Star (now you can try the shot again if ball didn't...

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Pinball Master

hi terry many thanks as always :)
one query the table won't start because it's found cm arcade cabinet.
Your other table updates are working fine :)

In the Install Instructions

- Update to the latest BAM
- patch both FuturePinball.exe and FPLoader.exe for 4 GB access after updating BAM
- install my BAM Settings files
- use the correct FP Video and Editor settings that I show
- always completely close FP when exiting a table for any reason before trying the same table again, or loading another table
- DOFLinx (if installed) can't be running while running this table

This table "requires" the 4 GB patch be properly applied, as it uses more ram than other FP tables.