Booster 2 (Original)

SS Original Table FP Booster 2 (Original) v1.3

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Solid State Machines
by martinB
at 2012-10-12
Type Original


Rules for Booster 2 by Martin Brunker

- Upper Rollovers score 500, lite Spinner lights and advance Bonus when lit
- Spinner scores lit value (max. 1000)
- Bumpers score 100
- Booster Targets score lit value (max. 7000 each)
- 1st reset enables collecting balls for Multiball and lites Outhole Kicker
- 2nd reset holds Booster points and lites Star Rollovers
- 3rd reset awards Extra ball
- 4th reset awards Special
- Multiball lane trigger scores 500 or 5000 when lit
- 3 Balls in Multiball lane starts Multiball feature
- Right Droptargets score 500 each
- each reset advaces BonusMultiplier (max. 7X)
- Outhole Kicker scores 300 or 3000 when lit
- Star Rollovers score 300 or 3000 and advance Bonus when lit
- Slingshots score 10
- Inlanes and Outlanes score 500 and advance Bonus
- Outlane awards Special when lit

Have fun !!!
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