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FPx Engine Template 2020-01-28

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We all hate scripting. In fact most people (like 99.99 % of the entire planet) when they look at a bunch of code, find it so intimidating and complex that they won't even try. Others just don't even have the time to learn how to script, it's months of study and learning. The biggest problem with Future Pinball (and especially VPX now) is the scripting, it was always the scripting, and will be the scripting in the future.

The FPx template is designed to replace the stock New Table template in Future Pinball. This one will be aimed right at beginners, in fact, with luck, it may work exactly like the Pinball Construction set. This not only fixes the bugs and incompleteness of the New_table template, it also adds more features that every beginner would want, and then presents it in such a way to make it as easy to use as possible.

It is so easy to mess up a script, especially the high level code of a scoring and logic template. Even advanced coders can mess up pretty easily, because all the code is MIXED IN together. FPx divides the script in to 2 parts, with the first part a user section, and the second portion the actual engine. The engine contains "Hooks" to the user section, this allows just about everyone to make simple changes without needing to touch the engine at all, and yet be able to use one of the most powerful, full featured engines available for Future Pinball.

The FPx template is designed for those who want to get their feet wet with scripting, and yet has all the power and features for Intermediate coders to use.

Newest Build
Build 14

- Minor changes to the layout. Apron and more plastics
- fpxAdvanceScore overhauled, changed variables, reworked manual page.
- New AddScoringEvent - "SpecialIsLit": Used to let player know a special (such as in the outlanes) is lit and can be made. An example is included in eightbllAdvanceScore Vault item.
- New Coders Library for people who wish to modify/reuse/learn the code. Complete code is included as well as detailed explanation of variables, subroutines and alternate code.
- New Vault item: Alternating Lanes added for inlane and outlanes. Code added to slingshots. An example is included in eightbllAdvanceScore Vault item.
- New Pinsettings for alternating Lanes and whether to restore those lights in memory to be carried over to the next players ball. This uses the built-in Memory System
- New Vault item: eightbllAdvanceScore - based on the bally game, (though modernized) includes the full code and a manual page. This includes the design for the loop section in the actual game. (work in progress)
- Manual pages added, rewritten, expanded or renamed as I can never make up my mind.
- New Vault Section started, as more vault items are developed and released, they will be added to this section.
- New Manual page for the Built in Memory System (if you wish to use it for non-fpx tables or Visual Pinball tables). You can find it in the fpxEngine Presets Section.
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