LesMills Body Attack (Original) by Aduke

SS Original Table FP LesMills Body Attack (Original) by Aduke v1.27

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Solid State Machines
by Aduke
at 2018-07-24
Type Original

Custom PhysicsFP Physics 1.0FP Physics 2.6

! WARNING SPOIL ! Video pinball gameplay + wizard mode (v1.22) same as 1.27 but with some issues & bugs :
After finally some long time and made a lot of uncompleted and never posted table, I take back future pinball and creating a complete one.

A last update of the first pinball, more a revision of small things not working proprely. Run on physics 1.0, 2.6 & custom. v1.22 & 1.26 are not avaiable anymore.

2018/07/18 What's news in v1.27:
- New apron personal texture.
- Musics separated in a FPL.
- New Musics from anniversary edition (100)
- New mystery system. Extra ball & special chances reduce.
- Ramp award didn't work if display was writing something else. This has been fixed.
- Added "LesMills" demoniac access when hitting the last one without dropping others.
- Added "same player shoot again" display when player must play his extra ball.
- minor bugs fixes.

2017/12/25 What's news in v1.26:
- Playfield drawing improvement
- Top lane angle ajustement (Thanks to GeorgeH)
- Right ramp alignement ajustement (Feedback from GeorgeH again)
- Some Loop in music when ball is on the plunger lane wasn't good at all. This has been fixed
- Kickback stay enable if ball saver is active
- Super Skill shot award ramp
- Super Pops & Super Spinner stay in memory for next ball
- Super Spinner score now 18k (12k in 1.22)
- Aerobic completing in 7 shots only and 9 shots for Athletic Strength. It was 8 before for both
- Athletic strength mode reset drop targets immediatly if crossed. A bit of delay has been added
- Athletic strength Current Music & artist was wrong. This has been fixed
- Athletic strength score give too much points on multiballs. This has been fixed
- Athletic strength 2x force ramp lock harder and not lit at the beginning.
- Hurry up (Running) timer revisited
- Value for Mission will turn off lights when hit and be relit when all is off. It was always ON before.
- Adding Parkour jackpot display animation
- People are crying even when no high score has been beaten. This has been fixed
- Tilt didn't stop at all multiballs & sometimes musics. This has been fixed
- HUD displays added.
- Some attract lights changed
- Minor bugs fixes
- Code optimisation
- More information in attract mode

Something else we need to know before playing game?
- The "S" key allow you to use the center button of the pinball
- You can lock 3 To 6 balls for Power Multiball (see rules)
- 1 To 4 can play
- 5 Balls per game by default (too hard on 3)
- If ball is locked, a ball search is present (don't exit table)
- Hold for instant info to know Current music title and artist (short part only, not the entire track is present)

I'm open for suggestion if it's interresting of course and if I got time, and tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend. An first update will come soon.

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)
Somes information about this theme, for people who they don't know what is it

Les Mills BODYATTACK : Training for the sport of life

Website of Les Mills : https://www.lesmills.com/

What is BodyAttack if you don't know it at all?
BODYATTACK™ is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combine athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. A LES MILLS™ instructor will pump out energizing tunes and lead you through the workout – challenging your limits in a good way, burning up to 730 calories* and leaving you with a sense of achievement.
Main rules:

Lit modes :
- Aerobic: Shoot left orbit to light mode.
- Agility: Shoot the center scoop to light mode.
- Athletic Strength: Shoot "BODY" drop targets to light mode.
- Modes: Start modes by shooting the left ramp when 1 or more are ready.
In modes : Shoot white arrows to complete it
Running hurry up : Shoot right orbit to start running hurryup, collect value by shooting again right orbit.
Multiballs :
- Power multiball: Complete left green target to light lock, lock balls via the center scoop
- Parkour multiball: Complete "Parkour multiball" via the right ramp to light it.
In Power multiball :
- Complete main jackpots (white arrows)
- Complete mini jackpots (locks targets)
- Super jackpot is lit when everything is Done
In Parkour multiball :
- Complete main jackpots (white arrows)
- Lock a ball on the ramp to lit Triple Jackpot
- Super jackpot is lit when ball is locked on the ramp and triple jacpot collected.

Exceed your limits : Complete everything to start wizard mode.

Secondary feature:

- Shoot left ramp for a bonus
- Les Mills drop target light mystery
- Right target complete & start "Double Scoring"
- Aerobic completion award Super spinner
- Agility completion award Super pops
- Athlectic Strength completion award award Bonus Hold
- "Kick" lanes adding ending bonus for all the game
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