Millionaire (Williams, 1987) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Millionaire (Williams, 1987) VP8 v5.02 JP 2020-01-28

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Millionaire (Williams, 1987) VP8 v5.02 JP
by jpsalas
IPD No. 1597

Williams 1987. VPM table, needs the original roms.

Revision History:
5.02 Fixed defect led :)
5.01 Fixed light not working
5.0 Added new plunger, backdrop, leds...

2.0 SE
-New closer look.

1.0 released version. 8.8.2006
Bugs known: in game the roulette doesn't show the right award, but it does during the test.
To test the roulette: press END, 8, wait for OFF to come up and then press 1 to start the test.
I anyone has a solution, ny e-mail is up there :)

1.01 (a few hours later)
Fixed Roulette. Thanks Destruk!

1.02 8.august.2006
Added new mechanical and EM sounds.
Tweaked flippers, kickers and the roulette time.
Added new backdrop. Old one still there.

M-O-N-E-Y Targets:

Hitting all five targets once opens the Left (dram lane) Gate*. 'BIG MONEY' sounds.

B-A-N-K Targets:

Hitting all four targets lights the lamp for each letter, and:

A. Opens the Right (dram Lane) Gate*.
B. Blinks the SILVER Target lamp. Then, hitting the SILVER Target lamp causes the B-A-N-K lamps to begin blinking, and sounds 'BREAK THE BANK'. Hitting each B-A-N-K Target again starts blinking the GOLD Target lamp. Hitting the GOLD Target again starts blinking the LIGHTS CASH HELD lamp.

Awarding EXTRA BALL (Earn Again):

Score an EXTRA BALL by:

1. Landing in the EXTRA BALL hole on the WHEEL OF RICHES; or
2. Hitting the M-O-N-E-Y and GOLD targets to light the EXTRA BALL arrow. Then, a ball shot up the path of the lit EXTRA BALL arrow gets the EXTRA BALL, and lights the EARN AGAIN lamp.


Landing in the Eject Hole with the lighted SPIN lamp starts the WHEEL OF RICHES. Both SPIN lamps are lit at the beginning of every ball; they go out after a shot lands in the Eject Hole. A flipper return lane shot can !ight the SPIN lamp again, but a timer controls its ‘On’ period.

The WHEEL OF RICHES has 12 scoring possibilities: $10,000; $20,000; $30,000; $40,000; $50,000; $1 00,000; 2 - $5,000 or EXTRA BALL WHEN FLASHING; 2 - $5,000 or SPECIAL WHEN FLASHING; 2 - $5,000 or MULTl-BALL.

Moving Ball Guide:

Success with this skill shot allows the player to score the (Gold Bars) Drop Targets and advance the Bonus Multipliers 2X - 3X - 5X.


Locking the balls (up the left ramp, or into the wireform ramp) starts the Payoff display (Example: Go for Emerald $100,000). Multi-Bal

play then begins as both balls speed back onto the playfield.


Locking the balls again (up the left ramp, or into Ihe wireform ramp), while in Multi-Ball, scores the Payoff. The 4 Payoff levels are Emerald (1 00,000 - 500,000); Ruby (250,000 - 1,000,000); Diamond (500,000 - 2,000,000); Hotshot (500,000). The hotshot level is only revealed, when the player scores a Diamond payoff. Each payoff level goes up $5,000**, until its maximum payoff value is reached. When a player scores a payoff, that payoff resets itself to its minimum value.


The closer a player nears earning a million, the more letters of the word MILLIONAIRE light on the playfield. When a player scores one million, the game announces, 'MILLIONAIRE', and awards a spin on the WHEEL OF RICHES. Flipper Buttons Holding the left flipper buton displays the first 3 Payoff levels, or the Payoffs left to be scored. Holding the right flipper button shows the Replay level and the latest High Scores.


Bonus goes from $1 ,000 to $79,000 with no lighted bonus multipliers. The Bonus amount shows on the playfield by lighted lamps during play, and in the players’ score displays at the end of play for a ball.

* - Timed Feature Adjustable by Operator
** - Value Adjustable by Operator
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