Rally (Taito do Brasil, 1980) VP8 Q&D Savage Mod

VP8 Taito SS Recreation Rally (Taito do Brasil, 1980) VP8 Q&D Savage Mod v1.5.4 2020-04-20

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Rally (1980, Taito do Brasil) Quick & Dirty Savage Mod 1.5.4 with PeBo, Apoc, Destruk and Bezeen.
IPD No. 4581

I found this to be a cute game with a nifty layout, compelling shots, and a lot of character. Rustic character, even!

It was also obvious that there was a significant play flaw and some graphics flaws that could at least be patched quickly. To do more wouldn't be worth it, since the whole table really needs to be rebuilt. It dates all the way back to 2001-02, after all. Not to mention, @jpsalas already has a lovely version out there for VPX. Altho oddly, I'm thinking this version might be a little more fun to play.

So, the changes:
  • Middle-right saucer now ejects properly. You can further adjust this in the script by modifying "bsSaucer.InitSaucer Saucer,2,200,4" where 200 is the eject angle, and 4 is the force.
  • Middle bank of drop targets has now been correctly colored and all drop targets now have proper graphics.
  • Bumper caps have been upgraded (thanks to JP for the Taito graphics on those and the drop targets).
  • Screws and some metal surfaces have been half-ass upgraded to be a little more realistic.
  • One plastic has been re-shaped, and one that didn't belong has been removed.
  • Graphically, the table looks a little more accurate and less distracting. And that's all, folks.
--Ike Savage
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