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Texas Ranger Gatling Gun (Chicago Coin, 1963) [asset package]

Chicago Coin EM Texas Ranger Gatling Gun (Chicago Coin, 1963) [asset package] 2022-01-19

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Texas Ranger "Gatling Gun" / IPDB No. 6638 / December, 1965
Date Of Manufacture:
December, 1965​
Electro-mechanical (EM) [?]
Cowboys - Law Enforcement - Western​
Not A Pinball [?] , Gun Game [?]
Notable Features:
1 play for 10 cents or 3 plays for 25 cents. 100 to 400 shots per play (operator adjustable). Average game time is one minute. Rapid-fire machine gun adjusts to height of player. Has animation, 3-D Indian and Outlaw targets moving forward and backward continuously. Special "star targets" score 10 times normal value when lit. High score and Number Match award Extended Play. The three-color cabinet was advertised as 46 inches long by 20 inches wide.​
- This is a collection of assets I've rounded up in order to help re-create this quaint Western arcade game shooter from 1963. Pictures, videos, reworked graphics, mockups and links are included.

- I've produced some cleaned-up & enhanced starter layers to help create the gameplay, which is viewed through the small window at the front of the huge gatling gun (third attachment is a mockup). Also reworked the backglass to be more project-friendly. The layer files are saved in PNG and also XCF (GIMP format), with transparency work 99% finished.

- Personally I think this has FP-BAM written all over it. You could do it in VP of course, but you'd only realistically be able to depict the gameplay, not the cabinet. With FP, one could actually walk around the cabinet, or have it be one of several interactive objects in a room, then zoom in to the viewfinder and play the game. Not unlike this glorious project.

- Besides re-creating the cabinet, I think the biggest job here would be to hand re-draw the mechanical-art wheel depicting the cowboys, indians and star targets. Everything needed is provided for that in the zip, but it would still be some work doing the full wheel.

- All that said, this is a very simple game, debatably worth the effort to re-create. But the cabinet is a lot of fun (borderline Googie / Space Age / Jet-Set), and the game itself almost right out of the late 1800's in its simplicity, so there's the history angle, too.
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