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RetroFlair (Original) BAM Edition – PinEvent

SS Original Table BAM FP RetroFlair (Original) BAM Edition – PinEvent (v1.4 - PinEvent v1.1)

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Solid State Machines
RetroFlair (Original) BAM Edition – PinEvent (v1.4 - PinEvent v1.1)

This is Rom's classic Future Pinball table the lets us jam to classic Arcade and Amiga tunes.

Only now it has been completely revolutionized with a massive TerryRed update now called BAM Edition.

Now featuring brand new Pac-Man, Speedball and Outrun modes and various new BAM features and updates that completely change how the table looks and plays!

This is also the first FP table to use the new PinEvent standard with support for DOF, MX Leds, PuP-Pack, SSF, PUPDMD and PUP Stream.

Retroflair - BAM Edition 1.4 (PinEvent 1.1)5.jpg

New BAM features and table updates:

- new BAM dynamic physics
- adjusted flipper, bumper settings in editor for strength and elasticity (in editor)
- adjusted table slope (in editor)
- added new adjustable BAM lighting for playfield inserts
- added new adjustable BAM lighting for GI ("detached" nano flashers)
- BAM shadow maps
- BAM RGB flashers (on the slingshots) that change colour to match the game's progress
- detached coloured flashers for launch ball rainbow light sequence
- changed bumpers to coloured ghost matching the ghost toys
- changed ghost toys to only move when their matching ghost bumper is hit
- added smoke's ZBRrollingballsoundslib (FP ball rolling function)
- added new Pac-Man mode! (eat pills, avoid ghosts to eat Power Pill, then hit Bumpers to eat ghosts)
- added Custom Balls for Default, and Pac-Man
- added new Speedball mode (hit all Opponent targets, then avoid random Opponent and get the Power Ball)
- added new Outrun mode (avoid cars, hit Checkpoint ramp 3 times to change Outrun tunes to complete the mode)
- added new marquee images for left sign that change for each game tune
- added full PinEvent support for DOF MX PuP-SSF
- added new PUP SSF 3D positional Ball Rolling support for 5.1 / 7.1 sound setups
- added PinEvent PUPDMD support to display the score, text and animated videos
- various fixes
- added option for colour changing G.I and flashers
- added full PUP stream support to be able to show the PUP FullDMD on the Desktop HUD, Apron Cards, FP Backbox, and playfield min screen


- PinEvent 1.4 (or higher) vbs files installed in "Future Pinball\Scripts"
- BAM 1.5-290 or higher (the zip update with the newer pup plug-in)
- (optional) Pinup Player 1.45 or higher for PuP features


- the table, PuP-Pack, and new Install Instructions PDF are all included at the new download link
- everything you need to know is included in the Install Instructions PDF (included in the table's ZIP file)

PinEvent Features for this table:

- MX Leds
- PuP
- PUP Stream


Option 0 - DMD, Backglass
Option 1 - Real DMD, Backglass
Option 2 - Full DMD, Backglass
Option 3 - Full DMD on Backglass
Option 4 - Backbox AIO - Square - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 5 - Backbox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4 - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 6 - PUP Stream - Desktop - Full DMD, Backglass


The table script has options at the top for:

- BAM Post Processing and Light settings
- ramp alarm sound options
- enable startup music
- enable colour changing G.I. and flashers


For desktop users who just want to play the table without any DOF or PUP features, you only need:

- BAM 1.5-290 or higher (the zip update with the newer pup plug-in)
- PinEvent 1.4 vbs files installed in "Future Pinball\Scripts"
- the table files
- after that the table will play like a normal Future Pinball table
- you do not require the PuP-Pack files just to play the table

Thanks to:

- Rom for so many amazing FP tables!
- ravarcade for the amazing updates to BAM and FP he has brought us over the last few years
- GeorgeH and Gimli for support of BAM functions
- Nailbuster for Pinup Player
- Chris Leathley for Future Pinball

Here is a video preview of this table in action using PinEvent features:

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Latest updates

  1. Table script had PUP Stream enabled in Custom settings

    Table script had PUP Stream enabled in Custom settings This had no effect normally unless the...
  2. New download location for the table, PuP-Pack, and Install Instructions PDF

    - the table, PuP-Pack, and new Install Instructions PDF are now available at the new download...
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