JAWS (Original) BIGGER BOAT EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP JAWS (Original) BIGGER BOAT EDITION (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3) 1.7

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Solid State Machines

Original Table created by: ROM

Ultimate Pro Update by: SLAMT1LT


Table version: 1.7 (Feb 2024)


What began as ROM’s classic Jaws table for Future Pinball, has evolved over the years from SLAMT1LT’s massive Ultimate Pro update, to my new BIGGER BOAT EDITON.

This table has been completely updated to use the newest modern BAM features to create an amazing real-time visual treat that will blow you away! Almost everything you see has been updated to the max and many cool additions have been added!

See new effects, such as the ramp spilling the blood of any ball eaten by the shark. New animated bumpers fill with bloody water. Gasp as you see victims reach out from the bumpers for help! Witness Ben Gardner’s dead corpse bob up and down. New animated water plastics, boat wheel and orca toys, Hooper’s tanks, buoy flashers, underwater VR room and more!


This table has been fully updated with FizX physics for game changing new physics on Future Pinball. FizX uses techniques similar to nFozzy physics on VPX to completely change the physics for the flippers, slings, rubbers, targets, ball behavior and more that allows this table play much more realistically than anyone ever thought was possible on Future Pinball. You will be amazed at the difference!


PinEvent V2

This table is also updated to fully support PinEvent V2 features (DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD). It has modern PUP DMD display options that can work with all setups. With it's crisp HD text and dazzling videos, it's sure to wow everyone who sees it.



For a video walkthrough off all game modes and features, checkout this video:

To see the evolution of this table from ROM’s original table, to SLAMT1LT’s Ultimate Pro update, then to this Bigger Boat Edition, watch this video:



ROM: Jaws Pinball

- created and designed the excellent original table
- layout, script, code, gameplay, art, sounds, voice overs, music, models, animation

SLAMT1LT: Jaws - Ultimate Pro update

- many table updates from Ultimate Edition to Ultimate Pro
- massive new updates to script, code, sounds, voice overs, music, lighting
- many new additions to gameplay / modes, and new harpoon shooter
- "FP" HUD and backglass videos, DMD
- lots more stuff that went into making an awesome update

TerryRed: Jaws - BIGGER BOAT EDITION 1.0 - Oct 2022

- updates to the table, layout, code, sound, music, items, lighting, models, etc
- removed older items / surfaces / lights no longer used
- adjusted table geometry to allow for better ball flow
- updated BAM lighting and post processing
- updated entire table's G.I. and coloured lighting
- updated playfield artwork (sand) and used original "clean" artwork
- new insert models, lighting, textures, normal maps
- new BAM spotlights
- new artwork for plastics, apron, backbox, ramp, sidewalls, backwall
- new shadowmaps for G.I and flashers (made to work properly with ray cast ball shadows)
- new VR Room with animated water / caustics / detailed Orca model / shark model
- new animated boat wheel models and lights for slingshots
- new animated life saver bumpers models
- new bloody civilian death animations (arm and head models that pop up from bumper)
- new animated blood on Jaws ramp when ball is eaten
- new animated "water" effects on platics and bumpers
- new detailed Orca model and animation
- new Hooper's oxygen tank models
- new lights on the apron for harpoon and civilians
- new JAWS plunger lane sign with flasher, and plunger lane sand art
- new FLEEP mechanical sounds
- updated entire table for FizX physics
- PinEvent V2 support for DOF, SSF, PUP DMD, and PUP Stream
- added TABLE OPTIONS to customize many things on startup, and for performance, etc.
- a huge amount of work and lots of other updates and details I can't keep track of :)

Other contributors to this table:

Schlabber34: insert jewel images
FLEEP: mechanical sounds
JLou: FizX and support
ravarcade: BAM and support
Nailbuster: Pinup Player, PUP DMD, PUP SSF
Chris Leathley: Future Pinball


****** This table is a 3 player game ******

Desktop Static Camera Views (attract mode)

  • during attract mode only, you can press plunger to toggle integrated static desktop camera views
  • if you want to use your own BAM camera settings, or a FP camera view, then you must disable this feature in TABLE OPTIONS in the table script

During Gameplay, the following will fire the Harpoon Ball Launcher and act as a plunger
  • Plunger button, Special 1 button, Special 2 button


BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:
  • this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows
  • this feature is ENABLED on the table script by default
  • this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU
  • if the table doesn’t run smooth, then your PC may not be fast enough to handle this feature (and you should disable it)
To disable this feature, you MUST disable it in TABLE OPTIONS (in the table script)

BAM Menu - Light and Post Processing settings:

  • BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings
  • this is required to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times
  • on this table, you can make changes to the Ambient and Diffusion Lighting in the table script in TABLE OPTIONS

Physics: FizX v3.3


Game not running smooth? Try the following:

  • run FP in Fullscreen, not Windowed
  • disable RayCast Ball Shadows in TABLE OPTIONS (in table script)
  • disable Reflections options in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • reduce / disable Antialiasing in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • disable any SSAO options in BAM plugins menu (disabled by default)


TABLE REQUIREMENTS (very important!)
  • all Visual C Runtime updates
  • DirectX
  • Future Pinball
  • the latest BAM update
  • FuturePinball.exe and FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB access
  • BAM Settings files installed
  • FizX 1K ball model (for more accurate physics, default.zip in BAM folder)
  • the REQUIRED “Video / Rendering Options” and “Editor Options” in Future Pinball video settings

All of the above is included with the latest FP and BAM Essentials AIO package!

Super easy to use for a new install, or just to update your existing install. I recommend everyone install this package to ensure you have the latest required BAM updates.


  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file)
  • it shows you how to check what version of BAM you have installed
  • it shows you how to install all the REQUIRED items above
  • it shows you how to easily setup FP and BAM with the REQUIRED settings
It's super easy, and only takes minutes to do!


How to run Future Pinball to play the table
  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file) to know how to properly use FP and BAM



Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file. It tells you everything you need to know!


Table MODS
  • please read the Disclaimer in the Install Instructions included with the table
  • please ask me first, as I am still updating this table


Jaws - BBE Reveal.jpg


Jaws BBE.jpg








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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 12 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1.7 - FizX and physics

    - updated FizX physics code (includes some fixes) and physics xml settings - removed flipper...
  2. 1.6 - FizX 3.3

    - updated table for FizX physics v3.3 (much more efficient with CPU usage) - new Debug options...
  3. 1.5

    - table completely updated for FizX v3.2 physics - new Lighting settings in TABLE OPTIONS in the...
  4. 1.41 - fixing the holes

    - small fix for target holes (rendering order) that blocked some inserts if using a lower camera...
  5. 1.4 - FizX v3.0 update!

    - updated table for FizX v3.0 physics - new built in Static Camera Views for Desktop mode...
  6. 1.3 - FizX physics and Ball Rolling Sound updates and fixes

    - updated FizX physics code to change how ball ID's are handled to prevent conflicts - updated...
  7. 1.2 - FizX physics v2.0, New Fleep Sounds

    1.2 - added missing tilt bob code for PinEvent V2 - fix for error if disabling the...
  8. 1.1 - Overflow error fix (I hope)

    1.1 - removed FizX rubber items surrounding the bumper area that may have caused Overflow errors

Latest reviews

Super table!
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One of the best simply got better!
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Awesome table!
I also want to encourage new-ish people: it's super easy to install, just follow Terry's instructions.
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Amazing update for a a already near perfect table.
Im glad I checked for bam updates, this is a great improvement.
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Fantastic Work !!! Thanks for your time and contribution.
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FizX on this is fantastic, great work!
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thank you for your work
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Gracias como siempre son los mejores..👍🏻
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What can I say? So many details, great to play, simply wow!
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Don't waste time. Download and play it.
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